What is Newbie in Cryptocurrency?

Newbie is a term used to describe someone who just started learning a particular skill in an often technical field, such as technology or FinTech. It is, in essence, synonymous with a beginner, a novice, or a newcomer. 

In crypto, a newbie is an individual getting started with crypto and gradually learning the ropes. 

A newbie might own cryptocurrencies but doesn’t confidently know how to purchase them off exchanges. However, while new, a newbie will be genuinely interested to learn and grow their crypto knowledge. 

The word “noob” is sometimes interchangeable. Like a newbie, a noob is someone who is inexperienced but willing to learn. 

Depending on their experiences with crypto, a newbie could evolve to be a whale or a Bitcoiner. That is, they could end up accumulating huge amounts of their favorite coins, sinking thousands of dollars, showing support for various projects. In the process, they can be laser focused on Bitcoin, becoming an ardent Bitcoiner, convinced that the network is the only true network.

If their experiences become bad, they can end up being a nocoiner, persistently criticizing the sphere, joining the ranks of Warren Buffett, the billionaire, who maintains that Bitcoin and crypto as a whole is a scam.

Variants of the term “Newbie”

The term “newbie” has different spellings, which could connote something different in various fields. 

But the bottom line remains that they all point to a learner or someone who lacks the vitals on a particular subject.

In some contexts, the word newbie is spelled as “newb” which refers to a new person in a field who is willing to learn. Another variant that is not an altered spelling of the word newbie is the term “noob.” 

This word has been borrowed by the crypto industry and is synonymous with “newbie”. 

The Etymology of the Word “Newbie”

The etymology of the word “newbie” is uncertain because it has been used by different people over time. 

Although, some are of the view that the word term “newbie” is derived from the word “newie” whose source can be traced to the United States and Australia in the 1850s.

Others believe it originated from the British slang ”new boy” or ”new blood”, which was popular in British schools in the 1850s. The slang refers to a student just resuming or starting high school.

Historically, a source reveals that in the 1960s and 1970s, the term “newbie” was used among U.S. troops in the Vietnam War as slang to refer to a new man in a unit. In addition, the term newbie was the nickname given to new U.S. Navy recruit students of the Basic Electricity and Electronics school by their senior students. 

Although, one source reveals that the earliest known usage of the word newbie on the internet may have been on the Usenet newsgroup talk.bizarre in 1981.

In conclusion, while some may consider the term inappropriate, it is consensually not taken in a bad light as it can also mean someone new to a field, sector, or job role that is, most importantly, willing to learn. 

However, climbing up the education ladder in crypto is critical since the space has a steep learning curve. Using available resources, a newbie will better know how to trade, store assets, and invest.