What is When Lambo?

“When Lambo” is a term used in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency communities to refer to the point at which someone becomes financially successful enough to buy a Lamborghini sports car. The term is often used as a measure of success or wealth, and can be seen as a goal for many people in the space.

While there is no set amount of money that one needs to have to be considered “When Lambo,” the general consensus is that it is a very high amount. For some people, “When Lambo” may simply be a dream, while for others it may be a very real possibility.

A Lamborghini is an Italian luxury brand of automobile worth between $200,000 and $500,000. It became the status symbol of early crypto investors who purchased one from their successful crypto investment. One such investor is Peter Saddington, who cashed out $200,000 in 2015 from investing in 45 bitcoins he bought for under $115. 

The phrase “When Lambo?” is a question of when a crypto investor’s investments will yield enough profit so he can purchase a Lamborghini. 

When Lambo: How did Lamborghini become Crypto’s status quo?

The Cryptocurrency Consensus Investment Conference, held in 2018 in New York, influenced the popular crypto term “When Lambo?” Before the conference began, three Lamborghinis were rented and Parked at the venue to signal the presence of crypto investors. After this conference, the term became commercial usage in the crypto space. 

“When Lambo?” Meme Terminology

“When Lambo?” also signifies a meme due to the satirical undertone of the phrase or question. The phrase is used to mock newbie investors who are only in the market for quick profits, and who are not interested in holding onto their investments for the long term.

The term is a play on the popular internet meme “when moon?”, which is used to ask when a particular cryptocurrency will reach its all-time high. In the case of “When Lambo?”, the question is not about price, but about when these new investors will be able to afford to buy a Lamborghini – a status symbol often associated with those who have made it big in the world of cryptocurrency.

So, in essence, the “When Lambo?” meme is a way of making fun of people who are in the market for quick gains, and who are not interested in the technology or the future of cryptocurrency.

Can You Buy a Lamborghini with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy a Lamborghini with Bitcoin. In fact, there are a few Lamborghini dealerships that accept Bitcoin as payment, including one in California and one in Switzerland.

As earlier stated, in 2015, Peter Saddington purchased a Lambo with 45 BTC. Another example is an earlier case in 2014 where a user of 4chan purchased a Gallardo with 216 BTC. In essence, this was the first known transaction where an automobile dealer decided to accept crypto for the luxurious.

Tesla also started receiving BTC for payment of their electric car. A Tesla Model S was sold for about 91 BTC in December 2017 when BTC topped $20k.