Healthcare Revolution: Solve.Care Releases the Care.Protocol

Healthcare Revolution: Solve.Care Releases the Care.Protocol

In a milestone for the Solve.Care network, Pradeep Goel, the CEO, on Mar 25, during a Livestream with Raj Kushawaha, the Chief Solution Architect, unveiled the Care.Protocol.

A Milestone in Solve.Care’s History

It is a well-thought-out, meticulous solution whose creators believe will help in the smooth transition of medicine service provision to the digital realm.

The Care Protocol will ride on the blockchain.

From the base layer’s transparency and efficiency, the solution aims to resolve interoperability, operability, costs, compliance, and security concerns. These are impediments that currently pin down the multi-trillion dollar economy that healthcare is.

According to Pradeep–a medical practitioner of over 30 years, health care and related ancillaries remain rigid due to compliance costs and operability problems bogging progress.

This is ironically amid technological advances in DLT demonstrating cost-slashing capabilities and the ability of borderless service administration.

In his prediction, the first company that provides solutions, ending the systemic and foundational limits presently experienced, has a chance to be a trillion-dollar company.

Interoperability and Security in Healthcare

Solve.Care wants to be one.

With eyes on healthcare, they provide a one-in-all solution, leveraging the blockchain to solve a real-world problem. It is markedly different from what most projects are gravitating to; re-inventing the wheel, minting cryptocurrencies—one of the blockchain’s infinite possibilities that don’t offer solutions to pressing problems outside of finance, according to Raj.

The Care.Protocol solves the problem of interoperability, leading to better data control and security where the patient takes charge.

By laser-focusing on healthcare–especially telemedicine—timely considering the coronavirus’s adverse effects and the resulting healthcare crisis, Solve.Care converges on decreasing both administrative and systems costs.

Why the Care.Protocol?

A big part of Solve.Care is the Care.Protocol which unleashes the true power of the platform and SOLVE–the native currency of the network.

The Care.Protocol is fully decentralized and derives its security from the base layer. At the same time, it is chained to the current event architecture—the building block of multi-party digital networks–and the blockchain. Most importantly, it works with the entire Care.Platform comprising Care.Wallet, Care.Node, Care.Event, Care.Ledger, SOLVE, Care.Vault, and others.

By resolving non-functional needs —that is, interoperability, compliance, security, the Care.Protocol becomes an easy-to-use platform for individuals and enterprises.

Reducing Cost and Time of Implementation

Specifically, the Care.Protocol distinguishes itself on how it reduces the cost and time of implementation.

Herein, and on the Solve.Care platform, individuals, and businesses can quickly and cheaply build and deploy complex dApps without understanding the underlying mechanics.

Because of the Care.Protocol, Solve. Care’s network components, roles, and more, for instance, are clearly defined. This is due to the overarching objective of the protocol to make processes and control quicker and simpler.

As a result, through the Care.Protocol, the power of the protocol is brought closer to the users.

From here, network users can define and deploy dApps of any complexity, interoperability, and requiring varying security demands enabling access to healthcare easier through declarations.

Aforementioned, the author of the dApp won’t have prior experience with coding. Instead, the dApp will be operational once roles, relationships, journeys, and business logic are configured.

With better agility and complexity-reduction for the end-user, one can use Care. Protocol’s specifics like Care.Card, and Care.Journey—both of which encapsulate the user experience. Meanwhile, all the hard work is done in the background, away from the screen.

The Care.Tag Innovation

Since interoperability is a big concern in healthcare, Solve.Care innovated the idea of Care.Tag.

Its objective is to promote interoperability and concurrently simplify healthcare journeys and care coordination without sacrificing the security of sensitive medical data—or even the name of the referring medical practitioner.

Within the platform, Solve.Care rewards Care.Tag originators–since all publishers on the mainnet earn fees. Beyond this, there are added advantages of eliminating the need to integrate pre-built systems.

Combined, digital execution, data privacy, and rewards via a transparent network lead to more cost savings, instantaneous service provision, more transparency, and above all, more dispensation of the much-need medical services.

From this redesign—and especially the simplification in network configuration and deployment, Solve.Care creators are confident that this milestone release drastically changes healthcare access, administration, performance appraisal, and payment.