How LYOMERCHANT Paves the Way for Crypto Mainstream Adoption

How LYOMERCHANT Paves the Way for Crypto Mainstream Adoption

LYOMERCHANT is a payment gateway, which accepts cryptocurrency payments both online and in-store, with the lowest fees in the market. A game changer in cryptocurrency market.

It’s six in the morning and Rob just arrived at the Dubai airport  from Los Angeles. It’s been more than ten hours of flight from one sunny country to another, and Rob avoided all the pre-cooked airline meals. Should he eat at a Burger King inside the airport? Of course not, it’s his first time in Dubai, so he decides to go to a nearby cafeteria that serves authentic local food. 

Rob orders a hassan mathar sandwich and a mango shake for 18 AED. Cheap, it’s around 5 USD, not bad for a simple yet sumptuous breakfast. He asks for the bill, but he doesn’t have a local money yet, he asks the server if they accept credit cards, and the server tells him it’s offline. 

Ouch. How does Rob pay now? He asks if they accept crypto so he can pay in BTC. In a futuristic city like Dubai, for sure there will be cryptocurrencies as payments.

“Sir, we don’t have a POS for crypto payments,”, says the server.  


“We wouldn’t even know how to accept them in our shop.”

Crypto payments are easy and seamless as it may seem, however, shops and companies need a simple tool for integrating cryptocurrencies into their business, showing them why to do it and if it is really convenient for them. It could have been convenient for the customer and merchant to transact in crypto if there’s a crypto POS for a quick crypto transaction.

Here’s how LYOMERCHANT comes into play. The LYOPAY team has come up with an easy-to-use crypto payment gateway that enables businesses and online stores to receive crypto as a payment for goods or services. 

LYOMERCHANT’s key features provide a seamless and convenient way for business owners to accept crypto payments:

  • Get paid in cryptocurrencies such as USDT, USDC, and other stablecoins. LYOMERCHANT will add more tokens such as BTC, ETH, LYO Credit, and more soon.
  • Business owners and online stores can also convert cryptocurrencies into fiat.
  • Employers can also prepare their payroll management into the LYOMERCHANT dashboard soon for their employees to receive their salary in crypto.

LYOPAY team is working hard to bring more partners to LYOMERCHANT soon. They are keen to introduce more innovation in paying crypto for goods and services. It’s how they will democratize digital payments more, in order to increase more mainstream adoption in using cryptocurrencies.

The more business owners accept crypto as a means of payment, the more LYOPAY and LYOMERCHANT are broadening the vision of powering people with crypto.

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