How to Make a Quick Buck in Crypto in 2021

How to Make a Quick Buck in Crypto in 2021

There’s no doubt – crypto conquered 2021. From big investors to institutional parties, everybody wants to be part of the economic evolution. 

But since we are in the age of speed, I’m sure you don’t want to wait too long for some additional money. So I gathered in this article the easiest ways to get crypto as quickly as possible, by using CryptocurrencyCodes.

Start chasing referral codes

Referral codes bring rewards for both the owner and the relying party. If you didn’t encounter this term before, find that a referral code is linked to your account, and you are free to send it to your friends. 

If somebody joins the platform via your code, you will get a reward, and so will the other party. So why limit to your friends? 

That’s why you can now find public referral codes, join the platforms linked and get rewards instantly. And we’re not talking about some pocket money. 

According to CryptocurrencyCodes, the referral code on BlockFi, for example, can get you up to $250 in BTC, BitZ comes with $378, and platforms such as can bring up to a $2,000 exchange bonus. 

Of course, they will not be there forever, so make sure you catch them before they slip. 

Keep an eye on promos

From time to time, exchange and trading platforms hand out promo bonuses to their followers that which be accessed via a code. 

Of course, to get the most out of them, you need to follow as many crypto platforms on social media as possible. But it’s all worth it for a quick charge. StormGain promo codes, for example, usually offer a $25 trading bonus. 

Join crypto gambling platforms for welcome bonuses

This is the most known type of crypto bonuses and certainly the most generous of all. 

7Bit, for example, offers 5 BTC and 100 free spins just for your sign-up, and FortuneJack comes with 6 BTC and no less than 300 free spins. All the way to Betflip, who puts on the line 10 BTC.

Now, don’t assume that you can be rich just by creating gambling accounts. These platforms always put a minimum wager on their bonus. For example, on 7Bit, you need to play the bonus at least 40 times before you can make a withdraw. 

But look on the bright side. Instead of withdrawing the bonus right off the bat, you need to gamble it, and who knows, maybe you’ll get ten times as much. 

So what are you waiting for? Buckle up and get the most out of crypto! 

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