Lina Valentina Denounces Domestic Violence with Her “No More” NFT Collection

Lina Valentina Denounces Domestic Violence with Her “No More” NFT Collection

Lina Valentina is set to release her first non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection dubbed “No More.” The renowned and respected feminist artist is using the medium to denounce domestic violence, while also encouraging women to join the Web3 train.

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Valentina Fighting Domestic Violence with NFTs 

Lina Valentina, a renowned United States-based feminist artist whose works appear on walls across New York and Los Angeles, as well as in prominent contemporary art galleries in the country, is rolling out her NFT collection under the “No More” banner, to fight against domestic violence and solidify the position of women in the Web3 ecosystem.

Lina Valentina uses painting and other art forms to encourage women to speak out against domestic violence, a burning issue in our society even today. 

Valentina draws inspiration from the late Spanish surrealist artist, Salvator Dali, as well as her favorite music to create interesting artwork capable of kickstarting a meaningful conversation.

Commenting on the project, Valentina said:

“NFTs and art seem obvious, a new way for artists to express themselves and be heard. Many artists around me position themselves in the NFT sector. Unfortunately, there are still too few female artists in the field, only five percent. The “No More” series also aims to encourage women to invest in this booming sector.”

7,777 Unique NFTs 

Lina Valentina’s upcoming No_MoreNFT collection treads the same path as her paintings and other artworks. The ‘No More’ collection will feature 7,777 unique NFTs depicting a female face. It’s a tribute to women who suffer(ed)from domestic violence and decided to kick against it. 

The collection also aims to offer hope and courage to women who face domestic abuse but remain silent about it.

Lina Valentina has made it clear that the No More NFT collection will come with several utilities and benefits as the project gains momentum, including:

  • The creation of a digital art gallery in the metaverse dedicated to the promotion of Valentina’s works and other artists promoting beneficial causes.
  • 300 ‘No More NFT collectors will receive a digital frame valued at $800, bringing the NFTs to the real world.
  • Fans will be able to meet Lina Valentina at a special exhibition to be held at The Cool HeART Gallery in Los Angeles. NFT holders will also enjoy discounts on physical works being exhibited.
  • 10 percent of the revenue generated from the ‘No More’ NFT sales will go to the Safe Horizon Association, which is dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Lina Valentina and her team strongly believe that the upcoming collection has all it takes to become the next major iconic collection sparking important conversations regarding a topic that is often avoided.  The real utility backing the No More NFT collection, plus the clear message from a renowned, artist gives the project an edge in the NFT space. 

Additionally, Valentina also plans to collaborate with other famous personalities across the world, with more information to be revealed in the coming months.

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