LVMH’s Guerlain Taps NFTs to Bring Nature Back to Life

LVMH’s Guerlain Taps NFTs to Bring Nature Back to Life

Guerlain is set to mint and auction a unique collection of 1,828 exclusive Cryptobees non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The proceeds from the Guerlain Cryptobees NFT sales will be dedicated towards the ‘rewilding’ of 28 hectares of the Milliere Valley nature reserve and other ‘green’ initiatives. The Cryptobees NFTs will be minted on the energy-efficient Tezos (XTZ) blockchain.

Guerlain Supporting Sustainable Practices

According to fresh research reports, the earth’s surface temperature was around 0.98 degrees Celsius warmer in 2020, than the 20th-century average and global temperatures have been increasing consistently in the past few years. This anomaly in surface temperature, experts say, can lead to an increase in sea level, a drastic decrease in arctic ice, and a vast array of weather-related disasters such as floods and droughts.

While there are several factors that may be responsible for the negative and unfavorable changes in the global climate since the 1950s, including the earth’s orbit around the sun, and volcanic activities, amongst others, scientists have come to the conclusion that it is very likely that human activities are responsible for more than 95 percent of global warming.

Of a truth, the adverse effects of climate change and global warming will not disappear overnight, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has, however, made it clear that sustainable practices such as afforestation, which ensure there are enough forests for wildlife to thrive in, can slow the impact of climate change, while also tackling other environmental issues.

On April 6, 2022, LVMH’s Guerlain became a patron of the Milliere Valley (Vallee de la Milliere), a biodiversity reserve created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a French environmentalist, activist, journalist, and photographer, as part of his commitment to restoring ecosystems and fostering public awareness around sustainable development issues. 

“Echoing Guerlain’s values of sharing and passing on savoir-faire, the Vallee de la Milliere will thrive as it becomes a haven of biodiversity. The reserve will open to the public in 2023, welcoming small groups to promote awareness and let people learn more about the critical importance of biodiversity. By bridging the gap between humans and nature, Guerlain and the Vallee de la Milliere seek to convey a message of hope and encourage other rewilding initiatives across France,” declared Guerlain at the time.

Guerlain Cryptobees NFTs 

Guerlain has minted a unique collection of 1,828 exclusive Cryptobees non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Tezos (XTZ) blockchain. The team says the collection will be available to the public by the end of April.

The proceeds from the Guerlain Cryptobees NFT sales will be used to support the rewilding of the entire 28 hectares of the Milliere Valley nature reserve, plus research initiatives for the restoration of ecosystems. 

The team has stated that each Cryptobee NFT has unique features and is linked to one of the 1,828 parcels of the 28-hectare Milliere Valley land. The Cryptobees have four rarity levels depicting the 15 varieties of flowers and plants identified in the area, the 21 natural materials inspired by the geology of the reserve, and the exact geographic coordinates of the LAND parcel.

Holders of each Cryptobee will own a real piece of art, and they will also be entitled to other benefits including access to exclusive events, contests, and more. The Cryptobees have a floor price of 20 XTZ ($64.6 at the time of writing)