This is How Metaverseavenue Will Change Advertising in the Projected $1 Trillion Metaverse Using NFTs

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This is How Metaverseavenue Will Change Advertising in the Projected $1 Trillion Metaverse Using NFTs

When Facebook said they were rebranding to Meta, they (un)knowingly shone the light on the metaverse. Indeed, the metaverse is nothing new. 

The technology has been there before but chronically suffered from lack of investment until Facebook happened. If the metaverse was in ICU in 2020, the rise of NFTs and unexpected endorsement from some of the world’s biggest technology companies is what revitalized the metaverse.

Metaverse will be worth over $1 Trillion

Various dependable sources claim the industry could swell to command hundreds of billions. Grayscale Investments is even more bullish. Per their estimation, the metaverse could draw revenue over $1 trillion by the end of the decade. 

Undoubtedly, the rise of NFTs and the popularity of blockchain gaming merging play-to-earn models make for an exciting future.

Introducing the Metaverseavenue 

This inevitable merger of all crypto elements in the metaverse is why metaverseavenue has grand plans to ride its waves.

When 29 percent of all American adults are currently curious to participate and acquire an NFT, metaverseavenue developers are presenting a ground-breaking solution on how best to advertise in the metaverse. They are looking at selling advertising space in the metaverse leveraging NFTs.

NFT Presale and Public Sale Details

The team is introducing interactive billboards strategically placed in the metaverse to actualize their ideas. Each billboard comprises a specific number of blocks—an area on the metaverseavenue billboard where you can place an image and a link—and vary in size. Every block is available as a unique NFT—and only 10k NFTs will ever be minted. During the mint, the position and size of the block will be distributed randomly. 

The presale is scheduled for January 26 at 20:00 UTC, where each NFT will be available at 0.99 SOL while the public sale will be on January 27, at the same time where block spaces will sell for 1.99 SOL. All minted NFTs will be listed on SOL supporting marketplaces like solanart,, magiceden, solsea, and more.

Types of Billboards 

There are four categories of billboards. 

The minter plans to release 9760 standard-size billboards. The standard size measures 30 by30 px and is the most common. Meanwhile, Premium billboards measure 40 by 40 px, of which there will be 210 in existence. The Super and the “To the Moon” billboards measure 65 by 65 px and 600 by 600 px, respectively. There will only be two “To the Moon” and 28 Premium billboards.

How to Make Money on Metaverseavenue

A user can upload a PFP image and link in each billboard block. Metaverseavenue will charge 0.01 SOL to identify the owner, cover hosting fees, and cater for future project developments. Users can learn more about the holder’s project and other necessary information by following the link. Alternatively, users can rent them out and make a passive income. 

Metaverseavenue is also aware of holders’ and users’ demands. Holders can adjust the size of the entire structure, impacting the value of the NFT. Depending on adjustments made, the value of the NFT can rise or drop in the secondary market, or rental prices fluctuate. 

Metaverse Token Needed

Interested users are required first to acquire Metaverseavenue’s NFT token. Each token represents one block on the billboard. Considering how scarce billboards are, users stand to earn money by flipping their NFTs in the secondary sale when slots on any billboards run out. 

However, users who won’t want to sell can also rent out their block space and earn passive income. At the same time, collectors can take the opportunity to amass more block spaces. In light of the growing popularity of the metaverse and the significance of NFTs, these slots would likely be in high demand as firms scramble to advertise in the virtual world. Ahead of the sale, Metaverseavenue has announced a $ 10,000 drawing, which any user can win depending on whether they meet the required conditions as spelled out in their Discord channel. 

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