NFT Aggregator and Marketplace Mintverse 2.0 Launches with Significant Updates to Offer Comprehensive Metadata on NFTs

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NFT Aggregator and Marketplace Mintverse 2.0 Launches with Significant Updates to Offer Comprehensive Metadata on NFTs

NFT aggregator and marketplace Mintverse today announced the launch of the revamped version of its NFT collection tracking solution. 

What’s New in Mintverse?

Mintverse, a leading peer-to-peer NFT aggregator and marketplace shared details about the revamped version of the protocol that includes a wide array of new and innovative features and improvements geared toward onboarding millions of people to the NFT space.

In recent months, the global interest in non-fungible tokens or NFTs has witnessed unprecedented growth and in that regard, Mintverse aims to provide users with a comprehensive NFT aggregator and marketplace.

While the general interest continues to grow in the NFT space, the steep learning curve remains a hindrance for new users to engage with NFTs. In addition, there are several issues with the existing user experience offered by NFT platforms. 

Mintverse is a decentralized NFT aggregator and marketplace and the protocol’s latest version brings a multitude of new features.

For instance, Mintverse’s latest version includes a big change to the user dashboard which allows users to connect their wallets to keep track of all NFT collections and explore new collections via the same interface.

Other changes in Mintverse 2.0 include information on upcoming NFT drops where the Mintverse team will scan all projects in the works by established artists, indie creators, native platform users, and gaming projects.

Moreover, Mintverse 2.0 offers full data coverage and filters on all NFT collections by category, collection, creator, and so on. Mintverse users will receive the latest statistics on any NFT collection to make well-informed decisions.

Besides, Mintverse users can also find the top NFTs trending on Mintverse, ranked by volume, floor price, market cap, and other metrics. 

Mintverse 2.0 also features an innovative GamePad to aid initial gaming projects’ NFT drops.

Further, Mintverse has analyzed more than 75 million digital assets on Binance Smart Chain and over 35 million on Ethereum to offer the most comprehensive and exhaustive metadata of NFTs across the two aforementioned leading smart contract platforms. 

Backed by Reputed Investors

It is worthy of note that Mintverse is backed by some of the leading investors and partners such as A&T Capital, Mirana Ventures, FBG, and Fenbushi Capital. 

Mintverse is committed to tackling some of the most pressing problems in the NFT landscape today such as high gas fees, lack of monetary incentives for artists, and insufficient utility for current NFT assets. Accordingly, the Mintverse team is mulling implementing a range of product offerings such as NFT marketplace, gaming incubation, socifi, governance DAO, and others.

Commenting on the development, Rene CAO, Founder at Mintverse, said:

“Mintverse will serve the BSC ecosystem by providing the largest and most aggregated NFT database. Moving forward, BSC based NFT projects, specifically gaming projects, will not need to develop their own marketplace as Mintverse will automatically aggregate all NFT assets immediately, creating a version of OpenSea for BSC NFTs. Besides this, Mintverse has already analysed more assets on ETH in comparison to OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the market. In order to create a real decentralised platform we will be rewarding users on Mintverse with 100% commission rebate, embodying Web 3.0 which we consider to be the future.”

About Mintverse

Mintverse is an NFT aggregator and marketplace consisting of a peer-to-peer Marketplace, Swap, GamesPad, and Square, where users can create, discover and collect NFTs, in-game products while also being able to crowdfund NFT projects. Mintverse has a vision of mass NFT adoption while further developing existing use cases and exploring future use cases of the NFT data structure.

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