Nicki Minaj Reveals The Happy Hippos NFTs Pre-sale

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Nicki Minaj Reveals The Happy Hippos NFTs Pre-sale

A non-fungible token (NFT) is an advanced unit of providing unique digital artworks. It is a non-interchangeable way of owning digital files using the superpower of blockchain technology. Besides, NFTs are popularly considered as modern-day collectibles offering public proof of ownership for users’ data. NFT can be bought with cryptocurrencies like BNB, ETH, which can be converted as USD on crypto exchange.

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As NFTs are booming in the industry, it is attracting all the users worldwide with its innovative offerings and collectibles. People are more eager to invest and protect their data safely via digital frameworks. Thus, NFTs are recent hype driving the interest of all investors, popular stars, celebrities, and many business giants out there.

Surprisingly, here are some exclusive arrivals of NFT collections that are randomly created with Artificial intelligence (AI) on the Ethereum blockchain. It is none other than the Happy Hippos waiting for the adoption and thus rewarding the holder. And none other than the “Queen of rap” herself to announce to the public that the pre-sale of this Happy Hippos started on November 08, 2021.

Nicki Minaj reveals to her fans to meet Happy Hippos through her tweet. Following the event, the public sale of the Hippos will go live on 11th, November 2021. This is the first time ever that Nicki Minaj decided to support a project and looking at their road map we really understand why she likes this one so much.

Users are lucky to explore new collectibles as innovative NFTs are launching in the market. Likewise, Happy Hippos are a set of new NFT collections, generally an endangered species living in harmony in Africa. Now as they are planning to enter the market, the Happy Hippos are waiting for the users to adopt them on and Happy Hippos

In addition, the users are lucky to earn a reward for each purchase and adoption of the Happy Hippos. And, the purchase of Hippo will be a donation of the buyer to a wildlife foundation that helps protect them in their natural habitat. In return, the hippo holder will receive an official certificate of “Real Hippo Adopter”.

Besides, the Happy Hippos are living with interesting characters with different colors attracting both kids and adults. Thus, the first generation of Happy Hippos is a total of 8888 species connecting from over 1 million options.

Furthermore, members of the general public will be able to adopt their favorite hippos including the coolest ones with beard, hat, costume and glasses from November 11th. And the price of these happy cool hippos will be around 0.088 ETH floor price.

Additionally, the Happy Hippos are available for both pre-sale events and public sale events on the marketplace. However, both the events have different selling prices for the hippos. The presale price is .06 ETH and the live public sale price is 0.088 ETH. Besides, the hippos can be purchased on the Ethereum blockchain with the lowest gas fees ranging from $3 – $50.

Thus, the Happy Hippos are eagerly waiting for the adoption through this exciting sale to live in harmony with the holders. Besides, NFTs will also be growing with new collections engaging the user’s presence in the marketplace.

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