Niftables Unveils its All-in-One NFT Platform for Brands and Individuals

Niftables Unveils its All-in-One NFT Platform for Brands and Individuals

Niftables has announced the launch of its groundbreaking all-in-one NFT technology designed to put brands and individuals alike on the fastest path to achieve their NFT dreams from vision to owning a white-label digital collectibles platform. Niftables claims a vast array of A-list brands and creators are already building on its platform, with major official announcements in the pipeline.

Niftables All-in-One NFT Platform Now Live

While demand for blockchain-based digital collectibles has grown significantly in recent years, there is still an unnecessarily high barrier to entry for brands, creators, and regular individuals latching onto the NFT train for the first time, as most creators struggle with designing, developing, minting, and distributing their NFTs. 

Enter Niftables, a platform that’s focused on fostering mass adoption of non-fungible tokens by eliminating the barriers to entry and creating the ultimate, full-suite crypto-collectibles ecosystem for creators, brands, and the average joes alike.

Niftables has launched the world’s first all-in-one NFT technology that gives brands and creators the fastest path from vision to building their own white-label NFT platforms. A good number of well-known, A-list brands and creators are already building their NFT platforms with Niftables, with major announcements coming soon.

Jordan Aitali, Niftables Co-founder said:

“A one-stop-shop doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all. That’s why Niftables is built to let creators and brands fully customize their white-label NFT platforms from the get-go. We ensure that each creator’s NFT platform is in tandem with their branding and overall vision.”

The Niftables Metamarket 

Notably, Niftables has already started blazing the trail in the NFT industry, as it was crowned the winner of the ‘Mass Adoption Award’ at the AIBC Summit in Dubai in March 2022, an emphatic vote of confidence in the project, especially as heavy-hitters such as The Sandbox and Meta were also at the event.

The underlying framework driving the Niftables platform is dubbed the Niftables metamarket. It offers cutting-edge, custom technology, full automation of NFT utilities, and seamless front and back-end integration into an NFT network. 

The Niftables metamarket enables creators to launch their NFTs directly into a market where their utility is supported by the wider ecosystem. 

Niftables says its metamarket is designed to merge the full array of current and innovative NFT features, including virtual reality, and augmented reality (AR) compatible 3D galleries into one easy-to-use platform, bringing metaverse connectivity to users’ digital doorsteps. 

That’s no all, Niftables has also put in place fiat payment gateways, as well as integrated custody solutions, to further smash the barriers to entry into the NFT ecosystem for non-crypto users, thereby fostering mainstream NFT adoption.

Niftabls offers both fiat and crypto payments support, giving creators and their communities the freedom to easily switch between connected crypto wallets and connected fiat payment gateways. This way, creators will have total control over whether they want to distribute their NFTs through automated subscription services, packs, drops, auctions, or even a combination of all.

Looking Ahead

Not resting on its oars, the Niftables team says it’s putting preparations in top gear to launch a cross-chain, fiat-ready, gas-free marketplace where NFT buyers and holders can buy, trade, sell, swap, and redeem their digital collectibles or rewards directly from the creators’ white-label platforms or directly from the Niftables marketplace. Niftables will also offer integration with OpenSea and Rarible.

The $NFT token will be the native currency of the Niftables ecosystem, serving as the primary payment method for all transactions. 

The $NFT token will launch with a capped supply of $500,000,000, with initial distribution scheduled to take place over several rounds, including seed, private and public. 

As per the vesting schedule, the team says a total of 6,900,000 $NFT from the rounds (plus liquidity) will be unlocked during Niftable’s official launch before the end of Q2 2022.

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