PARSIQ Inks More than 50 Strategic Partnerships in 2021 with Crypto and Traditional Finance Firms

PARSIQ Inks More than 50 Strategic Partnerships in 2021 with Crypto and Traditional Finance Firms

Blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform PARSIQ has had nothing short of a spectacular year as it inked more than 50 strategic partnerships, and counting, throughout 2021.

A Busy Year for PARSIQ

PARSIQ, the leading on-chain blockchain data monitoring service provider recently achieved a significant milestone. The project bagged over 50 strategic partnerships throughout 2021 and looks primed to offer more use-cases and solutions for blockchain technology across different fields.

Users can tap PARSIQ’s suite of innovative tools to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and other ecosystems and off-chain devices or applications. In addition, the tools can be used to monitor DeFi applications and set up customized event triggers or real-time automation.

The key to access PARSIQ’s innovative functionality is the platform’s native PRQ token that introduced the first subscription-as-a-service model to a broad audience. Further, the ever-expanding list of PARSIQ’s partners makes it even easier to explore such models in a real-world environment.

PARSIQ enables both users and businesses to explore several potential implementations and how they can impact day-to-day flow.

Commenting on the 2021 strategic partnerships, Tom Tirman, CEO, PARSIQ, said:

“This milestone is symbolic of the huge potential for on-chain monitoring and automation in both the crypto and trad-fi space. A potential which we’re seeing fulfilled by the rapid expansion of users and use-cases on the PARSIQ platform. We’ve seen a proliferation of on-chain informed automated decision making across workflow improvement, compliance and risk management, finance and accounting, and IDO analytics, to name a few.”


“New partnerships will continue to be announced alongside rapid product development, giving PARSIQ users exponentially greater ability to orchestrate their actions with multiple sources of on-chain data in real-time.”

Partnerships with Crypto Stalwarts

Throughout the year, PARSIQ partnered with numerous well-known and reputed crypto projects and service providers, such as AAVE, OKEx, Solana, Chainlink, Polkadot, UnoRe, Mysterium Network, PancakeSwap, and deBridge, and others.

Moreover, PARSIQ’s offering is continually being used by several industry-leading projects and protocols including early-stage partners like Algorand, Dash, Bitfury Crystal, AllianceBlock, SuperFarm, and others.

In addition, PARSIQ’s technology continues to find novel use-cases in the field of AML and KYC process, DeFi, and TradFi.

Besides forging key partners throughout 2021, PARSIQ also raised $3 million via an investment round led by the Solana Foundation and Axia8 Ventures. The funding round also witnessed participation from Krypital Group, Transfero Swiss, Sanctum Ventures, CoinUnited, Mindworks VC, Elevate Ventures, and others.

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