Pre-sale Kings: HedgeUp, Dash 2 Trade, and Robotera are here to stay

Pre-sale Kings: HedgeUp, Dash 2 Trade, and Robotera are here to stay

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly with the number of pre-sale opportunities. In this blog post, we will look at three of the most promising pre-sale opportunities currently available. These platforms offer unique features worth considering for your investment portfolio. Let’s take a closer look!


Economic volatility can have a profound effect on any crypto investor’s portfolio. That’s why alternative assets, like luxury watches and art, have become increasingly popular. However, alternative assets come with challenges, like storage costs, verification, and minimum purchase amounts.

HedgeUp removes many of these challenges by allowing users to purchase fractional amounts of alternative investments. With HedgeUp, you don’t need to buy an entire watch or painting for thousands of dollars – you can own a share for as little as $1.

It is made possible thanks to NFTs directly tied to the asset. You can then trade your NFT with other users on the HedgeUp Marketplace or simply hold it and watch its value appreciate over time.

The HDUP token allows users to access the core features of the HedgeUp platform, including fractionalized asset trading and exclusive portfolio insights. Perhaps the biggest benefit to holding HDUP is the exclusive access to new HedgeUp NFT Auctions, where holders can be the first to obtain the best assets.

Get ready to set your alarms and mark your calendars because the HDUP pre-sale is about to launch on December 19th, 2022. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get in on the action before HDUP explodes onto the mainstream exchanges.

Dash 2 Trade

Looking for an edge in the volatile world of cryptocurrency trading? Look no further than Dash 2 Trade, the go-to platform for savvy traders. Built by expert financial analysts, Dash 2 Trade delivers the insights and data you need to maximize profits in the crypto markets.

An intuitive user interface allows you to monitor the performance of your portfolio easily, while advanced algorithms provide up-to-the-minute market analysis. Dash 2 Trade also offers educational resources and tailored strategies that make it easier for traders to stay ahead of the competition.

The D2T token is the utility token behind the Dash 2 Trade platform. Holders of this token are entitled to a huge range of benefits, such as the ability to access social sentiment and analytics, so users can catch trending markets before they start to move.


Welcome to RobotEra, where you can become a metallic mastermind and rebuild a planet from the ground up. As a robot, you’ll gather resources, stake your claim on a piece of land, and even create your robot companions.

But that’s just the beginning. In this sandbox-style metaverse, the sky’s the limit regarding creativity. You can build anything your heart desires and join forces with other robots to shape the future of this digital world.

You can earn cryptocurrency rewards by renting your Robot to others, trading in the secondary market, or from airdrops. Plus, you can join the RobotEra DAO to help shape the future of this decentralized metaverse.





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