Safemoon’s Competitor Bitrise Coin Launching Crypto Exchange In Q1 2022

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Safemoon’s Competitor Bitrise Coin Launching Crypto Exchange In Q1 2022
Bitrise platform have innovative tokenomics
The platform offers attractive rewards to investors
Secure and faster exchange.

Bitrise, a DeFi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, has released its 2022 roadmap, and the crypto community are very excited. Bitrise is just about to release their widely anticipated staking process, which is big a milestone that has put it as one of the biggest Safemoon competitors. Watch out for the staking launch, which is coming at the end of November

Already, the upcoming staking launch is attracting thousands of crypto investors, including Safemoon whales. But the most exciting development at Bitrise, after the staking launch, is the upcoming exchange.

This is another milestone that is going to put this coin another step ahead of Safemoon. According to the roadmap the team released, the exchange is coming in Q1-2022. This is sooner than most would have expected. It is one of the network developments that will positively affect the staking process because more revenue will be generated in the Bitrise ecosystem with the launch of the exchange.

The news about the exchange launch in the first quarter of 2022 means that Safemoon will have a lot to do to catch up. It is also going to make the competition between Bitrise and Safemoon tougher. Of course, Bitrise will be steps ahead of Safemoon, which has only released Safemoon Wallet as the only product so far. The last protocol upgrade with the famous Safemoon V2 did not do much to ease this competition.

According to the Bitrise team, they are developing a centralised exchange, which is one of the most popular choices in the market today. There are many benefits that come with a centralised exchange, and Bitrise is capitalising on them to attract more users. This could mean more Safemoon community members, including Safemoon whales, will be joining Bitrise coin moving forward.

Bitrise centralised exchange allows the users to control their crypto funds and not have a third-party set-up. The platform’s peer-to-peer exchange will enable users can trade with other users. Crypto coins will be transferred from each other wallets other than from wallets in the cryptocurrency exchange, which will make it safer and faster

The exchange will enable users to trade thousands of tokens, including Safemoon, and the transaction fees will be very small. It will have one of the most secure verification systems, with the 2FA/SMS security feature keeping users accounts safe from unauthorised parties. The exchange is expected to offer better users’ experience than what Safemoon exchange is promising.

With this launch, the Safemoon team will have a lot to do to catch up and beat the competition. The fast Bitrise accomplishments will also see the number of Safemoon community members joining the coin increase.

With the projected increase in staking revenue after the launch of Bitrise exchange, the coin community will automatically grow bigger. Follow Bitrise social medial platform for the latest updates on staking and exchange launch!



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