StreamCoin Launches User Registration Page for STRMNFT Marketplace

StreamCoin Launches User Registration Page for STRMNFT Marketplace

Web3-based live streaming platform StreamCoin is all set for the next critical juncture of its 2022 roadmap with the open registration for its STRMNFT marketplace.

From May 31 until the end of July, 2022, STRMNFT is enabling free non-fungible token (NFT) minting for all users. These NFTs can be photos or digitally-created designs, as well as video clips. In fact, StreamCoin’s partner TNC Group has already minted its Lady Ape Club collection – a spin-off of the highly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The team behind StreamCoin said that the STRMNFT marketplace boasts a user-friendly interface, which will greatly benefit the uninitiated in crypto the most. Michael Ein Chaybeh, CEO of StreamCoin, said:

“As per our approach towards developing an ecosystem from user to tech, we designed STRMNFT to be an easy-to-use marketplace and an open space for all types of users. With our platforms and services, we aim to draw the line between the crypto enthusiasts and the modern Web 2.0 users who have not experienced blockchain or crypto before.”

STRMNFT will be using Stream Chain, the native blockchain of StreamCoin. According to the company, Stream Chain uses a Dual Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DDPoS), boasting a network speed of up to 300,000 transactions per second (TPS).

The development of the Stream Chain mainnet stems from the company’s vision of offering a more nature-friendly blockchain. “We came up with a new, responsible, eco-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise the speed and efficiency, and at the same time, contributes to a better future for our planet,” Michael added.

Aside from the image and video NFT minting, STRMNFT will be offering other features. These include subscription to favorite content creators, video NFT playlist, and NFT categories. Meanwhile, TNC Group will be offering exclusive perks to crypto users who invested in StreamCoin’s public sale and participated in the Stream Staking portal.

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Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel

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