Telegram Crypto Groups and Channels by ICO SPEAKS

Telegram Crypto Groups and Channels by ICO SPEAKS

ICO SPEAKS is a top-notch blockchain networking business that connects people to the best investment opportunities in cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, NFTs and other digital assets. The company prides itself on creating an atmosphere where like-minded people from different parts of the world can connect and discuss options to take their business to greater heights. One of the ways through which ICO SPEAKS connects investors is through Crypto Telegram platforms, which are groups and channels. This is what this website is solely based on.

From the “About Us” section, first-time visitors can read and watch all that ICO SPEAKS does. The combination of both written and video content aids communication and comprehension. This makes the first-time visitor understand what the company does.

What’s the purpose of Crypto Telegram Groups and Channels ?

The main purpose is to connect investors, crypto enthusiasts and first-time visitors to the best telegram crypto groups and channels that are guaranteed to improve their businesses and finances.

This website also connects investors with different crypto projects to the best ICO marketing solutions. So, asides from connecting investors to a community of crypto enthusiasts. The website positions itself as an authority to help people gain promotion for ICO, IEO, and other crypto projects.

Website Design

No matter how persuasive your content is, most visitors will not stay long or engage with the website without a great design. Therefore, one of the things first-time visitors will appreciate is the functionality of the widgets on this website. It is very interactive and enticing, which makes digesting the content seamlessly. The ICO SPEAKS icon on the top left corner of the website is responsive. On its own, the rocket icon is ready for lift-off. But when you put your cursor or mouse on the icon, it begins to take off.

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This is almost poetic as it depicts ICO SPEAKS as a company that connects investors to opportunities that skyrocket investors’ businesses and projects.

From the picture, first-time visitors will be attracted by the bold colours used for the headlines. Also, the colour scheme is subtle, which makes the content easy to read. With a white background for the most part, the website really pops colour. A headline with a different colour separates each section of the website.

This particular landing page for ICO SPEAKS has four different sections. The first one gives an introduction to what Telegram Crypto groups are. It also captures the essence of crypto telegram groups and how they can help investors and enthusiasts gain more insight into crypto projects and the market as a whole.

The second section addresses the issues newbies in Cryptocurrency have in deciding what platforms to join to get insights about cryptocurrency. Consequently, the second section shows first-time visitors, which include investors and newbies in the cryptocurrency space, ten of the best crypto telegram groups in the world.

Telegram Crypto Groups and Channels by ICO SPEAKS - 2

The third section shows visitors how they can join any of the aforementioned groups they just saw and scrolled past. Furthermore, this section explains why Telegram is one of the most available platforms for investors, newbies and all crypto enthusiasts to gain information to scale up in the business and career.

Telegram Crypto Groups and Channels by ICO SPEAKS - 3

Lastly, the fourth section shows a holistic view of all the telegram crypto groups with a clear call to action for the visitors to act and engage with the website.

Telegram Crypto Groups and Channels by ICO SPEAKS - 4


For each section highlighted above, the content explains the purpose of the website in detail. The content uses facts to draw the visitors’ attention to the need for Telegram Crypto groups.  This is the feel throughout the website. Each piece of content shows the best telegram crypto groups for different purposes. So, for a first-time visitor looking for ICO/IEO promotion, there is a tailor-made group for that service.

There is also a group exclusive to Bitcoin and blockchain information, so visitors can join that group as well. It all depends on the proclivity of the visitor; there are different options to choose from.

Another fascinating aspect of the website’s content is the call to action in different sections. Visitors will be prompted as they read and scroll through to check each group before deciding.

The website is easy to use and navigate as visitors can access different links from here. The widgets are also fully functional and interactive. Aside from the rocket behavior when you engage the site, there is also a prompt at the bottom of the website for ICO/IEO promotion, another service that ICO SPEAKS offers investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Visitors can easily visit the home page and explore the News, Events, ICO/IEO promotion and Contact sections.

There is also a telegram icon at the bottom right-hand of the website when you visit it. This link connects the visitor to the marketing admin of the ICO SPEAKS Telegram community. Here, visitors can ask questions about joining groups and advertising options for their project.

Browser Compatibility and Accessibility

One of the issues many websites face is accessibility across different devices. However, this website is accessible on both mobile devices and desktops. Furthermore, first-time visitors can access the website using different types of mobile devices. Whether you use an Android or an Apple device, you get the same experience.

Also, no matter the browser you are using as a first-time or regular visitor, you get to enjoy the experience of this responsive website. You can use Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, depending on your preferences.


ICO SPEAKS adopts an interactive style to help capture the attention of its audience. Every section of the website is responsive with no broken links. There is direct contact with the Home page, Telegram Groups and Admin account. From the moment they visit the website, first-time visitors already know what they are looking at. The purpose of the website is properly spelled out without any hassles. Finally, the load time of the website is equally impressive. It takes less than five seconds to load. ICO SPEAKS creatively used the combination of written, image and video content to drive traffic and engagement to its site.

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