The Countdown for Important Partnerships! Important News Released by the Holdex Team!

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The Countdown for Important Partnerships! Important News Released by the Holdex Team!

Holdex Finance becomes one of the most attractive projects in DeFi.

According to the news published from Holdex Finance, The Team is negotiating with big projects such as AVAX, SOLANA, POLKADOT, FUSHION, and POLYGON. In addition, they will announce new collaborations and partnerships very soon.

COUNTDOWN STARTED FOR THE BIG EXCHANGES: GateIo, Kucoin, CoinMarketCap, Coinecko, and more coming soon!

Holdex, Along with being compatible with Holdex, Ethereum, HuobiEco chain, and Binance Smart Chain, also provides freedom to manage and support stake pools and farms. In addition, the platform is preparing to enter the DEX and CEX markets.The Team aims to enter significant platforms such as Kucoin,, Okex, Huobi, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Poloniex, Probit, BtcTurk Pro, Indoex, MXC, Hotbit. Also they will be published on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and CoinMarketCal sites, which are the most significant platforms in the market.


Holdex provides that users could make Swap, Staking, and Farming transactions with the phone.

Equipped with innovative and modernized techniques in FinTech and DeFi, Holdex Finans continues to stay on the agenda in the crypto finance market with its announcements and developments. The Team also announced that the Holdex Mobile App mission for Mobile Devices yields a result. Even though it is not on the Roadmap, they will share the application very soon. This app will be unique and the first in Defi history. According to the Roadmap, The Team aims to active their blockchain system and finish the Holdex Smart Chain testnet earlier than expected.

The Roadmap is one of the most crucial documents for Holdex. The Roadmap contains all the plans and calendars of the Project. Therefore, it is an important guide for investors. Although they are still in the ICO process, The Developer Team restored trust by delivering the Dex Platform and Holdex Swap development long before their deadlines.


Holdex Finance is on the agenda of the world press and financial content producers. It includes many innovative solutions in Fin-Tech and DeFi. Major pages such as CoinMarketCap, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Cointelegraph, Coinpedia published reviews about Holdex Finance, and they pointed to the Project’s potentials. Also, video content producers with hundreds of thousands of followers continue to share their investments in the ICO process with their followers. Also, The Team keep working on Project and publishing new updates.


Holdex Finance defines the conventional finance sector as “widely open to speculation and manipulation”.Therefore, They aim to change the sector. However, manipulations are not only in the conventional market but also in some projects traded on the blockchain.

The project management is not increasing the number of tokens in circulation and blocks the possibility of price manipulation. Regardless of small or large investors, The Team guarantee that they will protect their investors by locking all their tokens except ICO investors and Airdrop winners. In addition, 10% of these tokens will be opened to circulation every three months.


One of the important points that make Holdex strong is the limited supply of Tokens. Holdex aims to protect users from loss of value. The assets with limited total supply in the market ensure that there will be no inflation. The total supply of HoldexToken is 100 Million. They expect that 50 million Tokens going to be used on Farming and StakingRewards.

the other distributions are as follows;

Team: 10 Million

Platform development: 10 Million

Private sale: 5 Million

Exchange listing: 5 Million

Rewards: 5 Million

Advisors: 5 Million

Marketing: 5 Million

ICO: 5 Million


The Team announced that they completed the 1st phase of the ICO with a success rate of 97.2%. Phase 2 was 100% successful on August 23 for $0.20. The third phase continues until September 23 with a price of $ 0.30.

Its better to be quick if you want to have HoldexToken. ICO projects continue to grow as an attractive trend for investors in many areas. The Investors can easily reach these coins before their listing and get high profit. Ethereum and Ripple, which are in the top 10 in the CoinMarketCap ranking, are good examples in this regard. Ethereum organized the biggest ICO ever. After approximately 60 million ETH ICO, Ethereum foundation earned 31.500 Bitcoin and became the successful coin. Eth ICO not only made the holders get profit but also changed Their entire life.

We may see the same process for Holdex. According to the Team’s announcements, this Token may find buyers for a minimum $1 when it starts listing on the exchanges. In addition, The total supply is limited to 100 million units. Only 10% of this Token will be in circulation in the first listing. Thanks to the amount of supply, Holdex may find buyers 75-300$ after a while.


Transparency and decentralization are important points for Holdex Finance. Holdex Finance does not store the user assets and user data of Exchange. Therefore, hacker attacks do not cause to loss of funds, including a complete crash of the stock market. In addition, there is not a single entry, which a person can access all assets and data. That is what complicates hackers’ jobs.

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