Top altcoins to watch out for 2023: Ethereum, Cardano, and BudBlockz

Top altcoins to watch out for 2023: Ethereum, Cardano, and BudBlockz

Cryptocurrencies have been the undisputed front runners in the race to the top among financial instruments. Even as the world economy was rattled by events like the pandemic and geo-political events, these blockchain-based assets managed to post sustained results.  Some of the top altcoins for 2023 include BudBlockz ( BLUNT), Cardano (ADA), and Ethereum (ETH). 

BudBlockz is an Ethereum-compatible e-commerce platform that will help cannabis enthusiasts and corporations explore international opportunities in a legalized and secure manner. With its offerings, the platform seeks to ramp up research facilities, product development, adoption, and market access in the cannabis industry. Over time, it plans to help corporations and entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry solve challenges like fundraising, supply chain management, data analysis, and logistical issues. 

Its native token is $BLUNT which can be used for all transactional uses like staking, liquidity pool provisioning, voting rights, accessing rewards, and trading NFTs, among other purposes.

The token will be available on presale for those interested in purchasing it. With a supply of 420,000,000 units, the $BLUNT Token is deflationary.  The platform would regularly burn tokens to ensure supply stays scarce. 

A notable feature of the platform is its NFT series called the ‘Ganja Guruz’ collection, which has a supply of 10,000 units. By owning an NFT, users will get to become fractional owners of assets like cannabis farms and dispensaries. While BudBlockz would be responsible for the maintenance of these facilities, users can earn regular dividends from these assets from the comfort of their homes.

To become fractional owners, NFT owners must complete a KYC form connecting them with the community. Plus, users will get special discount codes on products sold by BudBlockz in its stores.

BudBlockz steals a march over the other two cryptocurrencies because of its growth potential. Not only does it offer its users multiple opportunities to boost their passive income, but it is also working towards improving an entire industry’s performance.

Ethereum co-founder hints at future upgrades

Ethereum is one of the leading decentralized technologies of the world and powers the Ether cryptocurrency. Its native token is ETH which is used for all transactional purposes, not just on Ethereum but also on other blockchains that are compatible with it. The network hit the headlines after its major upgrade from a proof-of-work consensus algorithm to a proof-of-stake protocol which enabled it cut down on costs and energy consumption. 

The upgrade was referred to as ‘The Merge.’ Recently, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin posted an infographic that featured a road map that the network plans to undertake shortly. These upgrades would include a new milestone called ‘verge’ and a new stage in the network development referred to as the ‘scourge.’ Buterin has claimed that the new stage aims to ensure credible neutral transaction inclusion and tackle maximum extracted value issues.

ADA whales predict Cardano will be far ahead of tech giants entering DeFi space

Cardano is a decentralized platform offering tools built on the ouroboros network for deploying and scaling dApps. What draws most developers to Cardano is the enhanced security they get via its proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, which also helps build more sustainable decentralized systems. As Ouroboros is based on peer-reviewed research, it pushes developers to scale globally without cutting corners on security. There’s a lot of customization that is available on Cardano. For instance, developers can create and mint NFTs without needing smart contracts.

They can also access the required tools to deploy smart contracts. Also, if one is keen on operating as a stake pool operator, Cardano can help you learn about it — including the marketing and technical aspects. Its native token, ADA, is the key cryptocurrency on the network and can be used for a host of transactional uses like staking and payment of fees. Recently, a Twitter account dedicated to Cardano’s growth, ADA Whales, claimed that tech giants like Apple would soon enter the DeFi space. While most cryptocurrencies would compete with them, Cardano would still be far ahead.

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