Uniswap frontend goes down due to technical mishap

Uniswap frontend goes down due to technical mishap

The frontend of the biggest decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap went offline earlier today due to network routing issues. The issue was resolved by press time.

Earlier today, Uniswap was loading as a blank page for many of its users due to technical issues with Cloudflare’s routing service. Cloudflare routing allows servers to stay safe by keeping their real internet protocol (IP) addresses hidden and routing traffic through Cloudflare’s servers.

Thanks to such a service any attack launched on Uniswap’s frontend is an attack against Cloudflare — a networking giant that purportedly was able to automatically detect and mitigate the biggest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack registered in history, at a whopping 26 million requests per seconds. Still, this also adds one more thing that can break — either due to misconfiguration or issues with Cloudflare infrastructure.

Fortunately, the decentralized web is already here and in a Reddit post the Uniswap team advised users to connect to the protocol via its IPFS link

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