Ways to get Bitcoin for free without mining

Ways to get Bitcoin for free without mining

Despite the current crypto winter that has kept the value of Bitcoin around $20,000 for quite some time now, there is hope amongst crypto enthusiasts that this will change soon. Many believe that the crypto winter is about to end and that the price of Bitcoin will start rising in a few months. Join the Yuan Pay Group today to start trading. If true, you may want to acquire Bitcoin and enjoy the earnings later.

Bitcoin is one of the most attractive digital assets today. Its value is comparatively higher than typical assets like stocks. Moreover, its value has risen since it launched despite price drops. So, investing in Bitcoin can be a very lucrative venture. Bitcoin also allows you to enter the crypto trading market, where you can use the Crypto Trade platform to trade even with minimal experience. =

How to acquire Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not a free asset. You will hardly get it out of the blues. The most common way of acquiring Bitcoin for most people is through buying. You buy Bitcoin using fiat money or another cryptocurrency on a crypto exchange or Bitcoin trading platform. Considering the high value of Bitcoin, which is about $19,500, you may need a lot of money to acquire a good number of Bitcoin.

You can also acquire Bitcoin through mining. And this is more technically challenging because you will need the knowledge and skills to mine Bitcoin. You will also need to invest in mining equipment. Moreover, Bitcoin mining is very competitive, with hundreds of thousands of miners competing to solve complex mathematical puzzles at any time.

So, it is not easy to acquire Bitcoin conventionally. You will need enough money to buy or invest in Bitcoin mining. What if you don’t have the money and the mining skills? How can you still get Bitcoin? Thankfully, there are several ways of getting free Bitcoin.

Getting free Bitcoin

Bitcoin donation

Among the easiest ways to get free Bitcoin is by receiving Bitcoin donations. And this is not so different from accepting gifts in cash. The only difference is that instead of getting fiat money, you receive Bitcoin as a donation. To get a Bitcoin donation, you can launch a donation appeal online and provide people with your Bitcoin wallet address. If your request is convincing, then you will start receiving free Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet.

Online games

You can also get free Bitcoin for participating in certain online games. Multiple online games offer this. You must join the fun and perform specific tasks successfully to get the reward. For example, you may have to solve some puzzles, and when you do, you get rewarded in Bitcoin. 


If you are already a Bitcoin owner and wish to get some more Bitcoin for free, you can lend your Bitcoin out. Bitcoin lending is a concept where you offer part of your Bitcoin as loans to people who will provide collateral when they take the loan. When paying back, they will pay with interest in Bitcoin.

Affiliate and referral sites

There are many affiliate and referral programs on the internet where you can earn free Bitcoin by participating. The idea is to go to the affiliate marketing website, register, and then encourage more people to register through you. You can ask your friends and family or share the link on your social media platforms. Every time someone new registers through you, you get rewarded in Bitcoin.


There are many ways to get Bitcoin for free. You need to identify these opportunities, as they can be elusive.

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