What are Time-based NFTs?

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What are Time-based NFTs?

Time-based NFTs are a subset of dynamically programmed non-fungible tokens that change over time.

More accurately, non-fungible cryptographic blockchain tokens linked to real-world events through a decentralized oracle, such as the legendary Chainlink blockchain oracle network.

These amazing new digital collectibles change characteristics based on certain criteria coded into the smart contracts. For example, the new DirtyRobot NFTs by Ether Cards change appearance based on the time of day.

(Final Summer Seasons Collection Image by DirtyRobot)

These aren’t just static JPEGs minted on a blockchain and sold – they are dynamic forms of the highest quality living art. No longer relegated to sitting and collecting dust in obscure wallets, NFTs with this revolutionary technology also have the ability to evolve over time.

Using Ether Cards state-of-the-art technology, creators can even update parameters and alter the rates of change after NFT product release. Finally, fun with calculus!

This dynamic technology is already available for showcase in amazing new digital galleries and marketplaces, like the Ether Cards Gallery, OpenSea.io and Sushi Shoyu (Demo) platform that is currently under development.

Why is this news?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been around for some time now. For a great background primer on NFTs, please visit the original source on Ethereum Non-fungible Tokens.

The most amazing innovations in NFT technology are occurring right now. Typically, there is a delay between development and acceptance of the technology. As far as NFTs are concerned, the pace of growth is rapid and the lag time for adoption is decreasing.

The true innovation occurs on the development side, where cutting edge teams are pushing the envelope of NFT utility. Take a front row seat as the next stage of blockchain development ushers in a new era of collectibles.

Just look at the Top 100 NFT sales of all time. In less than a few years, a market that was not even in existence a decade ago has now logged multiple sales in excess of millions of dollars. Revenue on NFT platforms, like Opensea.io, continues to grow at a phenomenal pace.

Everyday, new headlines emerge about the latest, greatest NFT sale. Higher grossing sales are almost an everyday occurrence. Undoubtedly, the fear of missing out (FOMO) continues to spread like wildfire as more traditional companies like Coca-ColaVISA, and Budweiser have now entered the scene.

Where are time-based NFTs going next?

Back to the future with independent illustrator and comic book artist Daniel Isles – also known as DirtyRobot. With Ether Cards at the forefront of this amazing new technology, it is only fitting that the DirtyRobot partnership merges the best NFT science with one of the best NFT artists on the planet.

The Seasons NFT Collection, by DirtyRobot showcases a series of NFTs based on the four seasons — Summer, Autumn, Winter, & Spring. The four collections feature 16 images exclusively designed for this series by DirtyRobot. Every image is time-based, evolving through a series of phases, depending on the time of day.

The first Seasons Collection features 4 summer images, each one broken into 2 phases — Day and Night. The initial drop launched on the 31st of August and all available NFTs sold out in under 30 minutes on OpenSea!

Next, the first edition of the super-rare Summer Final NFT is to be auctioned on September 13. It includes some extra special benefits for the winner including: a customized signed print from DirtyRobot, a bonus Ether Card, and more!

Ether Cards NFT holders received early access to the drop of up to 12 hours and unlimited discounts of up to 10%, depending on the card type held.

The Summer Collection sale via Blind Bags is designed by Ether Cards.  Every NFT receives at least one special DirtyRobot Trait Bonus – with many receiving extra Traits. Blind Bags also have the chance to receive a bonus Summer Charm NFT.

This series also has Forges in which collectors can make special combinations of multiple NFTs to create rarer and more exciting versions. Each Season has a Time Forge and Space Forge. The Time Forge is used to combine night and day phases together to create a time-evolving NFT. The Space Forge is used to combine the four unique time-evolving images of a season into one larger time-evolving NFT. Each consecutive Season’s Space Forge has fewer and fewer available uses.

Collectors who successfully use the Space Forge receive bonus Traits on their NFT. Each Space Forged NFT holds the Redemption Trait. If activated, the collector receives a signed and numbered physical print of their NFT.

Every quarter of the year, a new collection drops representing each of the four seasons. Only one lucky collector is able to use the Final Forge, a single-use Forge that will be destroyed forever, after the first collector to obtain all 4 required NFTs uses it. The lucky collector who manages to forge their incredible 1 of 1 Final Season NFT also receives extraordinary prizes including a 65” Samsung Picture Frame TV, signed 1 of 1 Ultimate Print of all four seasons, and other special bonuses.

What is the next step?  Stay tuned as Ether Cards and DirtyRobot evolve time-based NFTs to the next level.  The gamification has just begun!

About Ether Cards

Ether Cards is an NFT gamification and monetization framework that connects real-world utility with the digital space. This framework allows talent, celebrities, and projects to connect with their communities in engaging and unique methods, while simultaneously unlocking new monetization channels.

The team behind Ether Cards consists of industry veterans and experts throughout the blockchain sector. With more than 50 years of combined experience behind them, they have supported and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including the Ethereum Foundation, Chainlink, and the Ethereum Name Service.

To learn more, visit ether.cards, find out about more exciting announcements on the Ether Cards blog, and follow @ether_cards on Twitter.

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