ZKSpace, a Full-Featured Layer-2 Protocol using ZKRollups, Launches its Mobile App on iOS and Android

ZKSpace, a Full-Featured Layer-2 Protocol using ZKRollups, Launches its Mobile App on iOS and Android

ZKSpace, a full-featured layer-2 protocol building on ZK Rollups, has launched its mobile Android and iOS App.

Bringing Private and Cheap Layer-2 DeFi and NFT Experience 

As per an announcement on April 14, the mobile app allows multiple mining events for crypto and NFT holders using ZKSpace. Most importantly, it brings the power of secure, private, and automated layer-2 swapping, payment, and NFTs experience to users’ fingertips. It comes when more Ethereum users yearn to use secure solutions, prioritizing their privacy while being fast and autonomous, guaranteeing lower transaction costs.

Following the activation of ZKSpace on mobile, it is now possible for users to execute most activities they would otherwise process on the protocol’s web application. The creators of ZKSpace will activate Eco deposit and fast withdrawals and add multiple language options in the near future. However, in the meantime, the mobile application allows users to mint NFTs via ZKSea and earn PoL/PoT mining rewards of ERC 20 token pairs through ZKSwap.

Exploring ZKSpace

The ZKSpace is deploying as an Ethereum layer-2 and is compatible with the base layer, acting as a reliable protocol anchoring three of L2 Labs’ core products like ZKSea—an NFT minting and trading marketplace, ZKSwap—a low-fee and efficient decentralized exchange, and ZKSquare—an advanced payment solution. 

ZKSquare has facilitated the execution of millions of transactions, enabling the instantaneous transfer of over $250k of assets on the relatively efficient layer-2 protocol. Meanwhile, the demand for NFTs and decentralized trading continues to pick up as DeFi finds global adoption, opening up previously inaccessible opportunities for users.

Using the ZKSpace Mobile App

The developers of ZKSpace are capitalizing on the increasing demand for mobile access, tapping on users’ convenience of swapping and trading NFTs on the go via a secure portal. The ZKSpace mobile app is free to download. Anyone interested in participating in the high-octane and ever-expanding DeFi and NFT ecosystem can connect. 

As a result, ZKSpace creators reckon that the launch is a big move in the right direction. After downloading and logging in using their wallet, users can still access their ERC-20 and NFT wallets at the top right of the screen while toggling between layer-1 and layer-2. 

On the mobile app’s homepage, it is also possible for users to monitor available balances, and deposit, withdraw or transfer ERC-20 assets or NFTs. At the same time, it is also possible for users to access some of the protocol’s mining activities.

ZKSpace ZKS Mining Campaigns

ZKSpace mining is a joint activity by ZKSea and ZKSwap that has been held constantly for several phases, involving tens of thousands of community members. 

Four mining campaigns concurrently started on April 13, building on previous mining program successes. As an incentive, ZKSpace has allocated millions of ZKS to the program. 

Participants who wish to participate under the ERC-20 PoL mining reward campaign must supply liquidity to the supported layer-2 liquidity pools and activate their addresses on the mining page. On the other hand, users who want to mine ZKS under the NFT mining reward campaign must mint NFTs on ZKSea. 

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