1INCH vs. CRO: Which Is the Better Exchange Coin?

1INCH vs. CRO: Which Is the Better Exchange Coin?

The 1INCH token is a utility token that acts as the central hub for the 1INCH crypto exchange. On the other hand, the CRO token is the native cryptocurrency of the crypto.com exchange.  1inch also serves as the governing authority for the various Liquidity Pools and decentralized exchange aggregators. It is among the top-ranked cryptocurrencies on the market. Also, due to their real-life utility, they are very popular among regular cryptos. The 1INCH token is currently 79 on the coinmarketcap, while the CRO is at 22. This ranking is a reflection of their market capitalization and various other attributes. The 1INCH token currently trades at around $0.68, while the CRO token is at around $0.11. These cryptocurrencies are significantly lower than their all-time highs due to the current bear market. 

What Are Crypto Exchange Tokens?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a digital asset that allows users to buy and sell various types of cryptocurrencies. It’s also an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem. Unlike traditional brokerage accounts and financial exchanges, exchange platforms offer a user-friendly interface. They also allow users to access a variety of digital assets.

Due to the evolution of the blockchain industry, cryptocurrency exchanges have adapted to their customers’ needs. One of these is the creation of crypto exchange tokens. In addition to being used to pay for services, exchange tokens also provide various benefits and bonuses. These types of tokens are also known as utility tokens, used to hedge against market volatility.

Many cryptocurrency exchange tokens are first issued through an initial exchange offering(IEO), a type of Initial Coin Offering. After the tokens are sold, the exchange token can be traded and sold like any other cryptocurrency. However, before users can transfer a token to an external wallet, they must confirm that the wallet is compatible with the standard exchange tokenization process.

There are a wide variety of exchange tokens in the market. However, in this article, we’ll talk about how CRO and 1INCH native tokens compare.


1INCH is a utility token and a governance token on the 1inch crypto exchange. It is used in the various modules of the liquidity and aggregation protocols. As a governance token, 1INCH allows its users to vote for the various parameters of the network. They can then collect rewards for their participation. The 1inch Foundation then distributes the tokens to its community members.

Through its various programs, such as liquidity mining, investors can earn 1INCH tokens. They can also lock into pools and become providers of liquidity. Users can earn yield farming rewards through the exchange of 1INCH tokens. In addition, it’s the network’s cryptocurrency, and it can be traded on numerous exchanges, including Coinbase.

Here are its tokenomics;

Total Supply – 1.5 Billion(100%)

Community incentive programs – 30%

Network’s growth and development – 14.5%

Backers and core contributors – remaining tokens

Cronos (CRO)

The CRONOS Chain Token is the native asset of the Crypto.com exchange. It is used as a payment method for purchases on the platform. Folks can also use CRO to earn rewards and participate in other activities on the exchange.

The goal of the Cronos chain is to make the payment process easier with various services. One of these is a credit card. Through its subsidiary, Crypto.com, users can obtain a credit card focused on cryptocurrencies. Users can also earn more by leveraging the network’s CRO position.

Here are CRO’s tokenomics;

30% — Secondary distribution and launch incentives – released in batches daily over five years from Nov. 14, 2018;

20% — Capital reserve – frozen until Nov. 7, 2022;

20% — Network Long-Term Incentives – frozen until Nov. 7, 2022;

20% — Ecosystem grants – frozen until the launch of Crypto.com Chain Mainnet;

10% — Community development

The continued management of the Crypto.com exchange could boost the coin’s value in the long run. However, it is important to note that burning to increase the token’s price could do good for its success.

Summary of the Comparison Between 1INCH and CRO Tokens

Attributes1INCH TokenCRO Token
CMC rankRank 81Rank 22
Market Cap$369.67M$2.77B
Max supply1.50 B 1INCH30,263,013,692 CRO
Circulating Supply546,514,723 1INCH25,263,013,692 CRO
Daily trading volume$85.87M$26.88M
All Time High$7.5$0.9698
All Time Low$0.50$0.01

A Look Into 1INCH and CRO Performance

Attributes1INCH TokenCRO Token
Price in USD$0.68$0.11
Change in 24 hours %– 11.37%– 7.3%
Change in 1 week %– 2.8%– 7.31%
Change in 1month%– 31.03%– 41.5%
Change in 1 Year– 73.27%– 81.27%

Which Coin Will Attract More Investors in the Long Term? 

Both 1INCH and CRO are known for their support for crypto exchange networks. They are also used on various cryptocurrency exchanges. They hugely influence their respective exchanges and can provide a real-life application to their users.

CRO has been around for quite some time, which has given it more credibility among investors. Also, due to its market experience, it has more potential to grow.

One of the best exchange platforms is Crypto.com, and they are currently working on a project that aims to convince the world that cryptocurrencies can be a good revolution. Through their partnership with various parties, they can provide various solutions to the world’s economy.

One of the main advantages of 1INCH is that it can negotiate the best price with Dexes. Also, its supply is lower than CRO’s, and it continues to burn its tokens. It is also expanding its territory.

The best way to invest in CRO and 1INCH is to HODL them, as their parent companies are known for providing good services. As for long-term prospects, the CRO may perform better and attract more investors. However, this is not finality because cryptos are highly volatile hence hard to make accurate and certain predictions.

However, since they are cryptocurrencies, you should only invest with the amount you are comfortable with losing. Before committing any funds to either of these assets, it is important to research the various platforms and coins thoroughly. 

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