5 Key Areas Where Small Business Can Benefit From Blockchain Technology

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5 Key Areas Where Small Business Can Benefit From Blockchain Technology

The benefits of blockchain technology have been widely evangelized across all sectors, but many small business owners may be unaware as to what it can do for them. Further, many are still unaware as to how easy it is to implement the innovation into their business operations.

Integrating Blockchain Technology into Your Business

This development is particularly the case for small businesses involved in managing complex transactions or working with data; blockchain adoption could be a game changer for their industry.

It is also safe to assume that the majority of this demographic do not know what blockchain technology is. At best firms might understand that it is involved with Bitcoin.

But that doesn’t mean that these businesses don’t stand to gain from working with distributed ledgers to streamline legacy systems.

It can aid with supply chain links, creation and fulfillment of contracts and managing the audit trail of accounts. Every day there are more business applications for this technology being explored and discovered.

Small Businesses in Particular

It can help improve the cash flow of a small business as smart contracts can be utilized to allow for the automatic and instant payment of invoices once a given transaction has been processed.

There is no need to wait for numerous authorization layers to be completed after the issuance of the invoice; all parties can instantly see with smart contracts the details needed to have the work signed off.

As soon as all the requirements have been completed, this transaction block will close, and the payment is automatically made.

It can help to streamline the operation of the supply chain as the distributed ledger makes everything transparent. Immutable records can be used to ensure that all standards have been met, such as health and safety standards.

For small service-based businesses, they can have an automatic process for issuing follow-ups to clients.

With the distributed ledger, there are fewer intermediaries involved in the business process, which means there are fewer costs and less potential exposure points. Agencies will now have to ensure they provide adequate value rather than merely processing a transaction.


These are just a few different applications blockchain technologies can have in small businesses, and it is going to be exciting to see what new ventures arise from this changing environment. It is clear that the way of doing business will be changed for the better with blockchain adoption.

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