A Close Look Into Top Blockchain Games

A Close Look Into Top  Blockchain Games

Are you a fan of video games? Imagine earning assets with real monetary value including crypto, NFTs, and other valuable tokens for playing online. That is exactly what Blockchain technology has brought. It has ushered in a new era in gaming and enabled gamers to play to earn and own their gaming data. 

Top 5 Blockchain Games

Below are overviews of each of the current top 5 blockchain games you can explore. 

  1. Axie Infinity

Axie infinity is an Ethereum blockchain game. The game has captivating creatures called Axies which are NFTs. Players collect and use Axies to play in solo expeditions or against other players.

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How it Works

Axie Infinity offers a variety of gaming experiences. You can compete with other players or complete quests to achieve top rankings and rewards. You can unlock in-depth storylines or defeat bosses to earn the assets. All these require you to devise fun but complex strategies and tactics. They will give you a competitive edge when gaming.

How to Play

Gamers play Axie Infinity by collecting the creatures, Axies, as pets. After collection, they can battle their Axies against other Axies. They can also breed, collect, and raise new ones. Furthermore, players can establish kingdoms for their Axies.

A great feature of this game is the uniqueness of each Axie. There are countless Axies, but each has unique body parts and looks. The body parts possess unique and collectible card arts. Thus, each body part unlocks different skills, benefits, and values. This aspect implies that Axies that vary from game to game have entirely different abilities.

An Axie has six body parts. These are; ears, eyes, horn, mouth, back, and tail. These parts determine which cards are to be utilized in battle. These are backs, tails, horns, and mouths. 

In-Game Rewards

You can earn Axie game resources through skill in gameplay and contribution to the gaming universe. Axie Infinity has a player-owned economy. Therefore, you can buy resources earned by other players. You can also sell or trade your resources for other valuables within the ecosystem.

Axie Classes

Like Pokemon, Axies have classes. There are nine classes of Axies currently. These are; Acquatic, Beast, Bug, Bird, Dawn, Dusk, Mech, Plant, and Reptile. In addition, the unique cards are also classified as so. 

There are purebred Axies and those not purebred. Purebred Axies have a lineage of Axies from the same class. Therefore, their cards and species match. On the other hand, non-purebred Axies have a lineage of Axies from two or more classes. They have cards and breeds that do not match. 

Axie Infinity breeders much prefer purebred Axies. This is due to the ease of breeding Axies with specific body parts and abilities. Thus, Axies with 6/6 body parts match are very expensive. Even so, having non-purebred Axies can be advantageous. Gamers create incredible combos of cards from different classes.

Class Advantage

Axies have class advantages analogous to the Pokemon classes. These advantages are demonstrated by the degree of the three values of Axie cards. A card from an Axie species of a higher class would have a lower energy cost, better attack, and more vigorous defense. 

The classes in Axie Infinity are classified into three groups. The three groups have a rock-paper-scissors relationship among them. The triangle is as follows;

Reptile, Dusk, and Plant beat Bird, Acquatic, and Dawn.

Bird, Acquatic, and Dawn beat Mech, Beast, and Bug

Mech, Beast, and Bug beat Reptile, Dusk, and Plant

According to the triangle, regardless of the card class, a Bird will deliver more damage to a Bug. Moreover, if the card used matches the class, then the Axie stands to gain 10% more from the actual values of the card. The class also affects the base stats of any individual Axie. 

Axie Infinity offers a play and earns platform. Gamers can have fun while earning resources that have an actual monetary value. In addition, it has a strong community of gamers. According to their website, Axie gamers have spent more than 1 million ETH (3+ billion USD) to advance to higher levels in the game.

  1. Silks

If you love horses, horseraces, or the idea of owning horses, then you will definitely love Silks. Silks is an Ethereum-based and blockchain-enabled gaming platform. It leverages its gaming metaverse to parallel the real world of thoroughbred horse racing.

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How it Works

Silks gameplay originated from the United States thoroughbred horse racing. It is the first NFT-based game to bridge the digital world with the real world. Its metaverse and blockchain technologies are backed by massive sets of thoroughbred horse racing data. The data sets are decentralized. 

These data sets are an actual representation of generations of real-world thoroughbred lineages. They also represent both current and historical racing results of the various bloodlines. In addition, they depict the life cycles of horses, their births, training, and breeding patterns.

Silks avatars and other digital assets are created automatically in the blockchain ecosystem. This process occurs through the utilization of published public data. Before being used, the data is mutually verified by the community by proof of stake. The data sets are then used to create a structure and experience similar to that of the real world. Hence, the metaverse delivers the same excitement that actual racehorse and horse farm owners feel.

How to Play

You can participate in the Silks metaverse ecosystem by doing any of the activities below;

  • Buying and trading of horses
  • Entering pools of horse ownerships
  • Forming horse syndicates
  • Speculating on land
  • Developing the acquired land into horse farms

You can also earn valuable tokens in Silk through the following activities;

  • Horse racing
  • Horse breeding
  • Horse staking
  • Mining via verifying and publishing new data sets to the metaverse
  • Various other ways of contributing

In-Game Rewards

The Silks ecosystem is powered by a play-to-earn (P2E) economic structure. Therefore, you can enjoy the great experience of owning horse farms and racehorses while earning tokens. The tokens have a monetary value. Your skills and contributions to the Silks metaverse will be beneficial in earning these rewards.

The metaverse has governance tokens that reward contributions and empowers members with governance rights and ownership. Members displaying skills in gameplay are rewarded transactional tokens. In addition, multiple NFTs provide actual ownerships of digital assets to the Silks community members.

The currency used to trade and transact in the Silks metaverse is called $STT, a non-inflationary token. A DAO token, $SLK, is another non-inflationary token used in governance within the Silks metaverse. $STT can be converted to $SLK at a variable exchange rate dictated by DAO. Therefore, $STT is effectively backed by a DAO treasury wallet which holds financial instruments securing its value.

  1. Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is another decentralized NFT-based gaming platform with an ecosystem of play-2-earn battle games. Its metaverse world, IBAT Battle Arena, integrates all these games. . Enjoyable variety is its theme.

Apart from gaming, Battle Infinity offers an immersive virtual metaverse world. Members can watch, perform, explore, and interact with each other here. The Virtual world impacts the members’ experiences hence improving the gaming ecosystem. It also speeds up the development of a strong gaming community within Battle Infinity.

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How it Works

Battle Infinity consists of six integrated products within its ecosystem. These products interact with each other and with the users in many ways. The products include; 

  • Battle Swap

This product is an analog of a bank entity within the metaverse. It is also a decentralized exchange where new users can buy IBAT tokens. Players can also exchange the rewards they’ve won for other currencies.

  • Battle Market

This product offers players a platform to buy, sell, or trade the digital resources they’ve earned. BEP-20intelligent contracts are used to tokenize in-game characters and weapons. This process assigns value to each asset in the game. The value rises with the increasing uniqueness and rarity of items.

  • Battle Games

It is a product of a multiplayer game store. The games are P2E. Players earn tokens or other valuables according to their gaming achievements.

  • Battle Arena

Players possess unique avatars in the IBAT Battle Arena. These avatars can be upgraded in the battle market. Players can improve the appearances of the avatars by purchasing items like sunglasses and clothes.

  • Battle Staking

At IBAT Battle Stake, users can stake their holdings. This is done by depositing and locking up holdings for some time. Staking enables players to earn extra benefits from other activities they engage in within the gaming platforms.

  • IBAT Premier League

In this league, players can build their teams and compete against other teams globally.

How to Play

To play the Battle Infinity games, users must first buy an NFT pass. These passes allow them to access the matches and leagues available within the platform. The NFT passes are also unique to each player. 

After accessing IBAT premier league, users are given a limited budget. They can then build their strategic virtual teams by buying real-world players. The players’ values range per their performances. It is similar to Fantasy Premier League (FPL). 

Gamers use these teams to battle against other players and earn various rewards. The players’ performances in real matches determine their values on the platform. The best team receives rewards. The NFT passes of winning gamers can also be whitelisted. This entitles the holders to extra benefits.

In-Game Rewards

Winners receive rewards in the form of tradable NFT tokens. The platform allows easy, hassle-free buying and selling of minted NFTs in the ecosystem.

  1. Tamadoge

Tamadoge is a blockchain game and deflationary cryptocurrency incorporating elements like P2E, NFTs, and metaverse. Tamadoge is quickly taking over the P2E gaming world as one of the most hyped meme coins. 

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How it Works

The game is centered around Tamadoge pets. Tamadoge allows users to create, breed, and take care of their digital pets daily. The pets are NFT-based. They can be minted and traded. In addition, you can purchase one in exchange for Tamadoge tokens. 

Each minted baby Tamadoge pet possesses unique traits, stats, strengths, and weaknesses. Users accelerate growth by feeding and playing with their digital pets. As it matures into an adult, it can battle other pets and rise to the ranks of the Tamadoge Leaderboard. Rewards are awarded generously to the top Doge.

Users are allowed to purchase as many Tamadoge pets (which are NFTs) as they can. The purchases can be made via Tamadoge website stores. You can also buy food, toys, and other cosmetic items from the store. These items will help keep your digital pet healthy and happy. 

How to Play

Tamadoge has very definitive gameplay instructions. Gamers are required to mint Tamadoge babies and nurture them to full maturity. Daily practices such as feeding and making the pets happy aid their development. With growth, the pets gain better skills and more strength. These superior qualities help it win in battles and move up the Leaderboard. 

In-Game Rewards

Pets that are well taken care of earn more Doge points. Players with more Doge points are entitled to a larger share of the monthly reward pool. The Tamaverse has a place for each pet. In addition, this ecosystem allows the interaction of players with their pets and each other. Thus, it creates a stronger community within the project.

  1. Lucky Block

As one of the best-performing cryptos over the past few months, the LBLOCK token deserves to be on this list. The gaming platform utilizes blockchain technology and NFTs to host lottery games. Decentralization enhances transparency within the ecosystem. Even so, the equal chances of winning offered by the platform are revolutionary to the lottery.

Lucky Block leverages the advanced technologies built on Binance Smart Chain to promote fairness in the lotto drawing process. All transactions are freely accessible in public ledgers. Therefore, the game is fraud-free, and users win by chance. Every player is treated equally.

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How it Works

This crypto has tokens and NFTs. The tokens were the original digital assets, while the NFTs were more recent. The immense success of the tokens led to the development of the NFTs.

Lucky Block has a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs available since March 2022. The developers have declared that this would be the end amount. Thus, the NFTs are deflationary. This aspect has significantly increased faith in the value of the NFTs among experts. Therefore, they anticipate great leaps up in prices.

Among the 10,000 are 25 rare pieces. Every player has a chance to mint one of these collectible NFTs. The players who will be lucky to mint them will enjoy some extra benefits. These include doubling their jackpot wins in lottery draws. After selling all NFTs, players will have a chance to win a $270,000 Lamborghini car. 

How to Play

To play, you have to buy Lucky Block NFT. To do this, follow the following guide;

  • create a MetaMask wallet 
  • Buy a Wrapped BNB (wBNB)
  • Visit the NFT launchpad
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet to the platform
  • Find and buy Lucky Block NFTs

In-Game Rewards

The holders of Lucky Block NFTs have a chance to earn rewards in $LBLOCK. Moreover, they can access all eligible competitions. Holding more NFTs and for more extended periods increases rewards. The best thing about Lucky Block NFTs is that all holders will eventually earn rewards-even if they don’t win.

These Blockchain games are well varied. Even so, each of them has some great potential to make you good money. So choose one of your likings and start this fun investment journey. Remember to conduct further research before making an investment decision. Assess the pros and cons of each game and even short-term and long-term projections. Good luck on your Blockchain gaming journey. Make sure you have fun!

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