Amazon Story NFT Moss Sells Out Within an Hour

Amazon Story NFT Moss Sells Out Within an Hour

Moss NFT, the assets made to help save the Amazon, has sold out within an hour. The NFT by Brazilian company Moss.Earth plans to help investors take care of a small part of the Amazon forest. The company also has an impressive record with a good relationship with large companies that fight for climate justice, like Brazilian airline GOL.

Moss NFT- The NFT to Save the Amazon

Moss.Earth has bought tracts of land in the Amazon forest and has tokenized them to allow investors to take care of them. The tokens, Moss NFT, sold out within an hour. It also claims that it has already conserved about 735 million trees in the forest. It added that it conserved the trees through internationally recognized and audited projects.

However, they feel that it is not enough and want to increase their efforts to conserve the environment. So they came up with the NFT project to achieve their goal. The rights to each piece of land will be represented by an NFT, which has already sold out. The asset allows all interested parties to get involved in saving the forest.

Moss hopes to help save the Amazon ecosystem through a joint effort with people globally. The assets became available on OpenSea for a pre-sale round and sold out within an hour.

More on the Amazon NFTs

Even though the assets sold out within an hour, registration for the next sale round is ongoing. There are many meaningless NFTs in the market, but the Amazon NFT is one of the few real-life applications. The OpenSea page read that the asset allows investors to ‘own’ a piece of the Amazon, and it is not just a fundraising scheme.

However, it has warned that the NFTs do not give rights to the physical land. However, the asset’s purchase will act as a shield against the destruction of the forest and promote the conservation of its ecosystem. The parent company claims that its calculations show that they could save Amazon by selling NFTs for 15M hectares. However, the exercise would require $10B.

The most recent owners of the NFTs are entitled to a tract with measurements equal to a football field. They also received a tokenized certificate of ownership that will help in the decentralized governance of the whole organization.

According to Luis Felipe Adams, CEO of Moss, saving Moss is their main purpose, and blockchain technology is the best solution. He added that they would ensure that more people could participate in the exercise. Adams claimed that they started the movement with 50 hectares of the land, but they will mint more NFTs and buy more land.

How the NFTs Will Save the Amazon

The investors do not have to do anything regarding their purchased pieces of land. The company will serve as the guardian and the protector of the real estate and have a ready plan for the next 30 years. 20% of the revenue from the sale will cover maintenance costs.

The company also assured the investors that Moss’s land is audited and legally belongs to. Now, they will do all they can to install a ‘Green Wall’ to help save the forests.