Ankr Announces Partnership with for Ethereum (ETH) Staking

Ankr Announces Partnership with for Ethereum (ETH) Staking

Ankr, an infrastructure that builds nodes on Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains for Web3, recently partnered with, a decentralized ETH staking network, to offer a more secure ETH staking. This will also offer a chance to be an ETH validator.

The Partnership’s Working Principles

Ankr said it plans to integrate the’s operation specifications and staking activities in its infrastructure to enhance the technology that supports validation during staking. The outcome of this is expected to be an ecosystem that is more secure and effective in both staking and validation processes. The partnership between these two entities is set to enhance decentralized operations on all nodes more transparently and efficiently.

In the next couple of months, and Ankr plan to tirelessly enlarge their operations and node validation activities to build a solid integration between the protocol’s distributed network of operators working on the blockchain nodes. In addition, the partnership will implement advanced procedures to test the new staking and validation interests to be considered when running the network.

Ankr’s Public Announcement

In a public announcement, Lead sir Alon Muroch announced that the partnership between the two entities would continue as teams from each entity work together to take staking to another level that has never been witnessed in the Crypto space. Muroch said:

“We are excited to have Ankr as part of the SSV ecosystem. Ankr were one of the first ETH liquid staking pools in the space, their team has incredible tech foresight and the ability to execute fast. The same applies to their decision to become early adopters of DVT and build a next-generation staking pool on top of the This is going to take staking to the next level.”

The Strategic Plan

The partnership between Ankr and is a very strategic plan as the world is suddenly embarrassing liquid staking solutions more than the Proof of Work consensus mechanism. The market capitalization of staking currently stands at $9 billion. Still, crypto experts predict that the market cap will rise exponentially to highs of $20 billion after the transition of Ethereum from a PoW consensus to a PoS consensus. 

The total estimated value of PoS is projected to reach a further $40 billion in 2025, with PoS becoming the dominant protocol over PoW.

Ankr and its team led the park by becoming one of the pioneers in liquid staking as a method of freeing capital in decentralized markets. On the other hand, the possesses the technical knowledge and equipment to provide the best experience to stakers and node operators.

The Future of Staking

The distributed operation on Ethereum validation will reinforce Ankr’s liquid staking ecosystem. This will comprise the allocation of funds to trusted nodes in a particular blockchain. The development will give rise to an ecosystem that allows maximum earning opportunities for all institutions, the middle class, and retail investors.

The partnership will also grow each entity’s communities. This action will consequently improve the monetary security of stakers’ capital and derivatives in Ankr’s ecosystem.

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