After college, Wayne was part of a financial advisory start-up company where he offered financial advice on investments and savings while managing corporate Fortune 500 high-volume portfolios. He also vetted vendors to determine the preferred pricing and later introduced a new annual price projecting model and cash flow predictions that were 15% more accurate than the existing one.

In 2017, when the price of Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $20k, Wayne’s curiosity on matters of the blockchain grew. He started researching cryptocurrencies and the tech behind them. This path led him to feel the urge to educate other people about the wonders of a decentralized currency, and that’s when his journalistic journey began.
His first publications mainly were for the un-established publishers and companies uninformed about the technology. However, after several months of crypto reporting, publications such as Wisecryptos and Cryptoknowmics came in contact and were interested in his authoritative content.

Since then, Wayne has produced content for 10+ cryptocurrency websites, done marketing campaigns for a dozen crypto companies, and written educational crypto trading content for beginners for several exchanges.
Currently, he is a crypto author for where he reports on the current trends in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.