Bitcoin Ordinals encounters explicit images days after launch

Bitcoin Ordinals encounters explicit images days after launch

Bitcoin protocol Ordinals faced a shocking pornographic image just days after launching. The image dubbed “goatse” appeared on the front page of Ordinals’ for 30 minutes before the protocol developers manually took it down.

Ordinals creator on the lookout for porn images on the protocol

Just days after its official debut, bitcoin (BTC) protocol Ordinals encountered a shock porn image dubbed “goatse,” inscribed into the blockchain through the protocol on Feb. 2. 

According to official reports from Ordinals creator Casey Radarmor, the picture was embedded on inscription 668, appearing on Ordinals’ front page for approximately half an hour before the protocol’s devs manually took it down.

The image is on the blockchain network but has since been desynced from appearing on Ordinals’ website. However, users or anyone running the Ordinals can view and access the image.

“The inscription is still on the chain, and if you run your own copy of ordinal-which everybody is free to do- you will see the gaping b**thole if that is what you so desire.”

Ordinals creator Casey Radarmor.

Ordinals could have issues

Casey Radarmor told Cointelegraph that after realizing the fault, he and his team swum into action to take the photo down from the platform’s front page. He also said that the technicality of the protocol limits the control of similar future occurrences implying more shock images may flood the protocol’s ecosystem. 

However, he was optimistic that developers working on the protocol would find a way to prevent these images from overwhelming the Ordinals’ first page. Ordinals bitcoin protocol debuted on Jan. 21 in the hands of Casey Radarmor. 

The protocol allows users to inscribe large amounts of media data on the bitcoin blockchain, which can be used to tokenize images, similar to how NFT projects are minted. Moreover, the protocol also allows users to send and receive individual satoshis.

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