Blowfish, Bitquery, Tactic and Minteo Complete Successful Funding Rounds

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Blowfish, Bitquery, Tactic and Minteo Complete Successful Funding Rounds

Several projects recently closed successful funding rounds, including Blowfish, Biquerym Tactic, and Minteo. Meanwhile, DeFiance Capital and Uniswap seek to raise a new round of funds. 

Blowfish Announces $11.8 Million Funding Round

In a recent release, Blowfish, a web3 security service provider, announced the successful closing of a funding round that raised$11.8 Million. According to the release, this funding round was led by Paradigm, with investors like Hypersphere, Dragonfly, Uniswap Labs Ventures, and 0x Labs participating. 

Other angel investors in the round include Will Warren, Amir Bandeali, Naval Ravikant, Nathan McCauley, Francesco Agosti, Steve Klebnoff, Raymond Tonsing, Patryk Adas, Jeremy Welch, John Johnson, Jim Posen, and many more.

The network plans to use the funds to expand to new blockchains, hire world-class teams, and upgrade its fraud detection systems on Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana. CTO & co-founder of Phantom, Francesco Agosti, said; 

“Blowfish has helped us protect thousands of our users from malicious scams & fraud. Their API is easy to use & reliable. We’ve partnered with them because we trust their ability to continue building a great product that stays one step ahead of scammers.”

Bitquery Raises $8.5 Million

In another venture round completed recently, Bitquery, a blockchain data company, raised $8.5 million. This funding round was led by @BinanceLabs, with several investors, including DHVC, dao5, Susquehanna, and INCE Capital.

When talking about the project, Co-Founder of Binance and Head of Binance Labs, He Yi, said;

“We’re excited to be working closely with the Bitquery team. At Binance Labs, we will continue to identify and support innovative data solution providers that allow industry players easy access to accurate on-chain data. We believe that the battle-tested technology of Bitquery and its mission to democratize data access will bring a positive impact to the long-term growth of the Web3 industry.”

Bitquery intends to use the newly raised funds to expand its coverage and introduce support for more blockchains. Moreover, they will use the funds to foster new use cases and build BIT protocol. 

Tactic Raises $11 Million in Funding Round

In a recently completed venture round, Tactic raised $11 million, led by Ramnik Arora of FTX Ventures. Several other investors participated in the round, including Coinbase Ventures, Lux Capital, Dylan Field, Founders Fund, Ramp, and Elad Gil.

According to their report, they plan to use the funds to simplify financial operations for web3 businesses. Their release said in part;

“‍With this new round of funding, Tactic is positioned to continue helping enterprises navigate the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape when it comes to financial compliance. We’re here for years to come so innovators can innovate without worrying.” 

Minteo Raises $4.3 Million in Seed Round

Minteo, a Latin American-based NFT marketplace, announced a successful funding round raising $4.3 million. Several investors including CMT Digital, Impatient VC, Fabric Ventures, Dune Ventures, SevenX Ventures, FJ Labs, Susquehanna Private Equity Investments, Big Brain Holdings, Alliance DAO, Zero Knowledge, G20 Ventures, Opensea Ventures, and other angel investors.

William Durán, CMO of Minteo, recently said;

“On OpenSea there’s a bunch of categories, it’s hard to navigate and unless you’re in the top collection it’s hard to reach an audience if you’re a creator. We’re trying to simplify the user experience from the infrastructure part, while making it easier for them to access local content on mobile.”

Minteo plans to use the funds to build the platform and get artists from Mexico and Colombia on board. Durán said

“The idea is to work with top artists in the region, the top 40-50 artists in each country. They don’t necessarily have to be involved with NFTs yet, this can be their gateway into it and we want to help artists get into NFTs.”

Defiance Capital Is Raising $100 Million

Recent reports indicate that a famous crypto venture firm, DeFiance capital, is raising $100 million for funding and investing in liquid tokens. According to sources, the new fund will be called Liquid Venture Fund.

Founded in 2020, DeFiance capital was originally a “sub-fund and share class of Three Arrows Capital.” But, soon after the troubles of 3AC began, DeFiance distanced itself from the troubled firm.

Uniswap Wants To Raise $100 Million in Funding

Recent reports indicate that Uniswap Labs is planning to raise between $100 million and $200 million to attain a $1 billion valuation. However, Uniswap is still in the early stages of creating the round.

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