BlueChip: a Brilliant Example of a Safe Crypto Gaming Space

BlueChip: a Brilliant Example of a Safe Crypto Gaming Space

When a crypto gambling site appears, the first question should be: how safe and comfortable is it, and what about crypto features? But what to do if you only start your crypto gaming experience and have nothing to compare with? How could you possibly learn about the features and the pitfalls?

Take a look at a new crypto online casino, which welcomes Asian players now and spreads to European markets now. That examination will help to define the rules for choosing a good crypto site to play at. The visual aid for a little research will be the BlueChip casino.

Let’s skip bonuses discussion here because partaking in promos is an individual solution. It’s better to research the pattern for choosing a safe gambling place for crypto players here.

So, for example, BlueChip casino:

  1. Provides safe games using a Provably Fair technology,
  2. Provides 6000+ games in total: live, table classics, and slots,
  3. Rolls out a Discount feature for games,
  4. Uses DigiCert’s powerful data encryption,
  5. Adheres to Responsible Gaming policies,
  6. Offers crypto transactions via Bitcoin, TRON, and Ethereum.

These points can be your criteria for choosing a reliable crypto site. So, in a nutshell, you look for tech to guarantee your safe playing and a sound library of gaming products. Let’s take a closer look at BlueChip offers.

About the BlueChip Crypto Casino & Sportsbook and How It Works

As it mentioned, Curaçao-licensed sites provide legal playing with digital coins. Though, one should note that such sites are not allowed to act as an exchange. That’s why you can’t exchange Bitcoins into dollars there.

But the BlueChip brand has a solution for converting digital coins while you play. The in-game crypto converter is the thing that cuts off the need for a third-party service to exchange money.

Also BlueChip has a vast selection of games, with over 6000 products in total. All of them can be played for coins. Start the game and play; it will automatically convert your stakes into acceptable money for the session.

A Discount feature is exclusive to BlueChip casino. It means that you can buy specific slot spins at a reduced price. You can find these products on the main page; just scroll down and see a red section with them.

  1. Press a slot icon, opening a game.
  2. Find a Get discount spins button.
  3. Select the spin amount and a bet cost.
  4. Press the button “Buy for…”. The site shows a discounted sum on the button.

Provably Fair Tech

The following criterion is about a Provably Fair solution. The algorithm works on blockchain and uses its benefits to ensure randomization, such as shuffling cards or flipping coins. The program generates an encrypted key to verify if the game works correctly.

You may check it on your own just like that:

  • get the seed (the key) and amount of bets;
  • open the verifier implemented on the gambling site;
  • compare data and see that the round outcome never depends on your bet size. No matter what, increase or decrease, your round cost does not affect its result.

The BlueChip casino has such a verifier working for all clients.

Data Encryption for Safety

Crypto casinos must guarantee the safety of their clients: their personal data and financial info. As for data protection, they implement encryption services.

The BlueChip casino deploys DigiCert — one of the top services in SSL protection. It provides Smart Seals, support and validation, certificates, and various specific tools for securing players’ info.

Crypto Transactions

Last but not least in the criteria list is the crypto coins’ presence. All crypto casinos provide main digital currencies and occasionally several altcoins.

The BlueChip integrates cryptosystems into the site. So, they allow using Bitcoin, TRON, and Ethereum for now. Adding new currencies to the website is only a question of time.

Benefits and Advantages

What else is better to know about crypto casinos? For example, consider the following questions:

  1. Do they provide other gaming products, such as sports or poker?
  2. What support do they have?
  3. Do they offer mobile apps?
  4. How fast are the withdrawals?

In the example, BlueChip features:

  1. Sports betting in addition to casino games. Though, no poker room yet.
  2. 24/7 support in English and Hindi.
  3. Brand mobile app for iOS and Android.
  4. Withdrawals processed within 48 hours.

Bottom Line

In the article there are some of the special criteria provided for selecting a safe casino to play for coins. Now you have some background to evaluate the gaming sites as you face them.

What’s next? If you’re into crypto and are a game fan, try the BlueChip casino & sportsbook site as a starting point in your crypto gaming.

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