Can the Metaverse Survive Without NFTs?

Can the Metaverse Survive Without NFTs?

The metaverse manifests as a futuristic, expansive digital space that leverages web3 tools to offer an immersive virtual experience for participants. It establishes decentralized finance (DeFi) projects within the metaverse that demand a mode of value storage and transfer between users. Facilitating such value exchanges is possible through the existence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which represent earthly valuables in the digital arena. This paper investigates the importance of NFTs to innovative metaverse projects to discover if they can operate without unique tokens. 

Role of NFTs in Blockchain Metaverses 

Initiating new metaverse projects involves mimicking real-life human engagements in particular spheres and replicating them in a virtual set-up. The representation of physical resources in digital spaces demands the creation of avatars and NFTs that take on the form of said items. Such entities play some roles in the metaverse, including:

Value Storage 

NFTs are a smart invention that helps users hold valuables in the digital space, where engagements include trading activities. Users acquire such items in their wallets by buying on preferred exchanges, after which they can use them to access other desirable values. 

Real-world Wealth

Tokenized NFTs are becoming popular tools for holding digital wealth traceable to real-world items that users can retrieve at will. For example, a particular quantity of gold tokenized NFTs held in a digital wallet on the blockchain translates to one bar of gold in a bank vault somewhere. The user can sell the NFTs and go to the bank to claim their corresponding value in gold bars for other uses.

Secure Trading 

The uniqueness of every NFT piece makes it possible to only hold one genuine piece in any digital wallet at a time. This feature and the traceability of all blockchain transactions mean that investors have maximum protection against fraud. 

How NFTs Facilitate Metaverse Operations 

Despite the initial popularity of metaverses as a space for gamers to engage in realistic gaming experiences, the platform now offers new possibilities. The efforts to bring it at par with the real experiences of humans in the physical sphere elevated the creation of social elements. Consequently, the space is now conducive to a metaverse creator economy where every user wants to experience economic gains using available resources. NFTs have a defined role in the virtual world. 

Creator Royalties

The economy strongly relies on creators accepting bids worth of their NFTs and then getting further royalties for every piece sold in a later trade. Such features return maximum value for the efforts by all creatives who model the best digital assets with underlying physical resources attached. 

Decentralized Finance 

NFTs are a focal piece in the DeFi ecosystems created by teams who intend to avail user-based projects. The current wave of property NFTs, which uniquely represent physical land that people can trade on metaverses, indicates the potential of the platforms. The ability of creators and copyright owners to define the rules of exchange involving their assets sets the stage for a decentralized system that ensures self-actualization. 

Web3 Fever

The eventual migration of internet services to the Web 3.0 dispensation defines an interesting era in the interactions between the physical and virtual realities. The need for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other projects operating in collaborative ecosystems magnifies the importance of NFTs. They satisfy the security requirements, value exchange potential and efficiency that the new Internet dispensation seeks to stamp on human online experiences. 

Can the Metaverse Survive Without NFTs?

The metaverse without NFTs will suffer investor boycotts due to a lack of attractive avenues such as metaverses for creators to get incentives. The projections predicted that web3 is angling for a total internet takeover which will revolutionize the digital economy to unrivalled levels. Consequently, projects that do not implement blockchain infrastructure that prioritizes user interests will struggle to survive. Particularly, the metaverse will shrink and fail because of two reasons:

Less Attractive Ventures That Don’t Need NFTs 

The platform will only be lucrative for gaming and social ventures where avatars engage without exchange of value tied to physical elements. However, the world is now a money-driven society where people’s primary concern is to generate value for time spent on any platform. Eventually, the metaverse will lose its lustre and become a place for bored individuals to spend a few hours instead of investing their digital assets.

Defeats Metaverse Objectives 

The metaverse exists to duplicate human existence on a virtual version of the earth where geography ceases to limit their engagements. NFTs prove ownership and are eligible for authentic trades where user property enjoys protection similar to those via government entities overseeing market activities. Therefore, eliminating the capability for the same people to engage in secure product and service exchanges is catastrophic to the project’s spirit.


The impeccable role that NFTs present in metaverses indicates how such elements are a timely asset to its evolution. The initial use of the digital arena for gamers and film enthusiasts is dwindling as economy-driven entities become more interested. Consequently, it is fair to say that the metaverse is more than ever dependent on the emergence of innovative NFT projects that will help achieve its full potential. Failure to implement more secure value exchange NFT projects will limit its appeal and lock it out of the futuristic projects competing for superiority on web3.

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