Celsius Investors’ Wallets Are Doxxed, Redditor Says

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Celsius Investors’ Wallets Are Doxxed, Redditor Says

A Redditor has warned Celsius investors that their wallet might have been doxxed. This comes after Celsius, the troubled lender, filed a 14500-page document detailing the names of its clients and their withdrawal and deposit addresses. Anyone who invested funds via Celsius is doxxed. But what is doxxing? Why should Celsius investors beware of the event? 

What is Doxxing? 

Doxxing involves exposing personal identity or financial information about an individual or organization through the internet. A doxxed person has their information leaked via the internet to the public. 

The opposite of Doxxed is anon. Anon is a person whose identity digitally has remained private and hidden. While you may know their digital identity, you cannot get the face behind the digital or actual name. 

Yes, Celsius Investors Are Doxxed 

The question is, are Celsius investors doxxed? Yes, based on reports, the details released are enough to expose persons behind deposit and withdrawal transactions. 

The Redditor posted a screenshot of the released details. The screenshot shows the transactional information associated with the Celsius network. The details released include the type of transaction, date, coin and even value. The Redditor said:

“While wallet addresses are not directly shown, one only needs a blockchain explorer to find out which addresses paid or received a certain amount of tokens to/from Celsius any given day. Thus, your wallets can be linked to your name.”

Using the information provided, anyone can go to blockchain explorers and get personal details like wallet addresses. Once they identify your blockchain wallet, they can link it to your name. So, it’s simply fair to say Celsius investors are doxxed. 

Doxxed Investors are At Risk 

Doxxing carries many risks, including online shaming, family harassment, etc. However, in the online financial scenario, doxxing can have serious consequences, including; 

  • Receiving physical threats – Doxxing financial data can lead to physical theft and threats. This means people can physically attack you when they know you have wealth. 
  • Identity theft – Once your data has been released to the public, there’s always a risk of identity theft.
  • Financial security – Once your details are leaked, even phishing, hacking, and scamming attempts can be more personalized. 

In the case of Celsius doxxing, only famous figures or tax evaders should be worried. In most cases, doxxing attacks target political figures. The Redditor said:

“While this is a clear attack on the client’s privacy, this shouldn’t be a danger to most people. It becomes dangerous when/if you’re a political activist prosecuted in your country, a tax evader or a criminal. Otherwise, you shouldn’t worry too much, but you still must take actions to preserve your privacy.”

However, while there is no serious risk for small-time investors, you need to take action to protect your online life.

What Must Celsius Investors Do?

As a former Celcius investor, you must know that part of your private financial information could be publicly available. Therefore, you need to make sure you reduce the vulnerability of your financial details. 

You need to move the funds from your wallet connected to Celsius to another wallet as soon as possible. While moving, ensure you cut off the traceability of the funds moving from your wallet to the next. You can do so by; 

  • Using a crypto coin mixer/tumbler before sending to the next wallet
  • Passing your crypto through a non-KYC crypto exchange 

All current and former Celsius investors should know their private information is doxxed. However, they need not worry. Instead, they should take precautions to ensure you don’t lose anything online due to the doxxing.

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