Dash (DASH) Core Group Unveils Dash Platform v0.12 on Evonet 

Dash (DASH) Core Group Unveils Dash Platform v0.12 on Evonet 

Dash Core Group (DCG), the blockchain developers in charge of the Dash (DASH) privacy-centric altcoin, has announced the release of the Dash Platform version 0.12 on Evonet, the network’s public testing environment. The team says the latest release comes with numerous improvements designed to make Dash (DASH) a more performant and easy to use distributed ledger technology (DLT) network, according to a blog post on April 23, 2020.

DCG Release New Protocol Update 

Having announced on April 16, 2020, that it is rolling out a new release process for the Dash Platform, as part of plans to make its upgrades more reliable, transparent and predictable, the Dash Core Group has now successfully released Dash Platform v0.12 on Evonet as the first update under its new release process.

Fast forward to April 23, and Dana Alibrandi, Head of Product at Dash Core Group has announced the release of the Dash Platform v1.012 on Evonet, the first product update under the newly introduced release system.

As stated by the Dash team, the latest update comes with numerous improvements designed to make the Dash Platform Protocol (DPP) more robust and easy to use for developers on the network.

Specifically, Alibrandi has hinted that the DPP v0.12 comes with an improved platform architecture, plus implementation of the first iteration of the Dash platform credit system, simplified identity usage, resource monitoring for Evonet, and more.

Exciting Features of DPP v0.12

With the latest update, masternode operators on the Dash platform will be safeguarded from spam and they stand to get better incentives in the form of fees. 

Unlike the previous release, v0.12 makes it possible for developers to create data contracts or numerous documents with just a single identity.

Also, the team says the bug that made it impossible for gRPC-Web requests to function properly when a dev is trying to connect to a node created with a distribution package has been patched and users can now run their testnet nodes in a frictionless manner.

What’s more, the latest release has integrated the logic for the Platform State Machine into the Drive codebase to simplify the Dash Platform Protocol architecture and hasten block creation time.

With the DPP v0.12 now live in Evonet, the Dash Core Group has made it clear that it plans to release another update within the next six weeks. 

At press time the price of Dash (DASH) is up by $1.70 percent on the 24-hour timeframe, trading at $81.95, with a market capitalization of $774.74 million, as seen on CoinMarketCap.

Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel

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