Delphi Labs Could Shift Focus Other Ecosystems aside from Ethereum

Delphi Labs Could Shift Focus Other Ecosystems aside from Ethereum

The Cosmos ecosystems are now the main focus of crypto research company Delphi Digital’s research and development (R&D) procedure arm Delphi Labs. The protocol R&D branch of Delphi Digital, Delphi Labs, had previously been dedicated to developing and researching guidelines on Terra but was obliged to look into alternative ecosystems after its dissolution in May. Delphi Labs has a crew of about 50 geared at fostering ‘Web3 primitives.’

Delphi Digital Analysis

Delphi Digital, an unbiased research and investment company established in 2018 and opened its Labs division in 2021, offers an institutional-grade analysis of the marketplace for virtual currencies.

In a thorough analysis released on Thursday, Delphi Digital claimed that after considering various blockchain ecosystems to see which was best for company requirements, specifically when it came to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Delphi Digitals chose the Cosmos environment.

Delphi Labs chose Cosmos as the ecosystem to concentrate its R&D on, referring to it on Twitter as “an ecosystem of interoperable blockchains.” It cited the two main advantages of cross-chain compatibility and Cosmos’ potential to gain from an increase in app chains.

Although the environment is relatively missing compared to rivals like Ethereum, the company listed speed, chain liquidity, decentralization, cross-chain compatibility, technological maturity, and code adaptability as other vital factors in its choice to support Cosmos.

Ethereum Offers ‘poor user experience,’ Says Delphi

According to Delphi Digital, the most significant problem of the blockchain is the performance and expense of using the Ethereum foundation layer, which leads to a ‘poor user experience’ despite Ethereum hosting the most decentralized apps (DApps).

The paper indicated that Rollups enable Ethereum to solve this issue, but critical challenges include compatibility between chains and outages or latency problems.

The survey contrasted Cosmos with Polygon, Optimism, Starknet, Avalanche, Solana, Polkadot, Near, and Celestia, with Cosmos receiving the best overall rating.

The Importance of Interoperability in Blockchain Technology

Individuals involved in multiple blockchains should be connected via a standard protocol to fully exploit the benefits of decentralization. The user experiences less friction even though they can access several dApps without switching connections.

Users find it challenging to profit from the advantages offered by each system because blockchains run independently of one another. They must possess tokens approved by each blockchain to interact with the guidelines running on their platform.

This issue can be resolved by interoperability by allowing users to utilize a single token across several blockchains. Additionally, by allowing communication between blockchains, a user can access procedures on other blockchains more easily. This increases the likelihood that the industry’s worth will increase.

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