Deribit Hot Wallet Hacked as Hackers Make Away with $28 Million

Deribit Hot Wallet Hacked as Hackers Make Away with $28 Million

Deribit has just tweeted announcing a Hot Wallet Compromise as hackers make away with $28 million worth of clients’ funds. According to Deribit’s tweet thread, the hack happened on the 1st of November 2022. 

Losses on Latest Attack

Deribit has further claimed that the losses will be reimbursed by the company through its emergency reserve funds, meaning that the insurance fund will not be affected. The hackers executed the attack on BTC, ETH, and stablecoin USDC hot wallets that have since been isolated for further investigations.

Deribit Tweeted:

“Deribit hot wallet compromised, but client funds are safe and loss is covered by company reserves Our hot wallet was hacked for USD 28m earlier this evening just before midnight UTC on 1 November 2022.”

Deribit manages 99% of all user funds in cold wallets. According to the tweet, the malicious hack did not affect Fireblocks and other cold storage addresses. Deribit has suspended all transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, to conduct further investigations and prevent additional cyberattack damages. 

The company further claimed in the tweet that it was still in a financially stable position to continue normal operations until it resolves the issue. Deribit discouraged users from sending funds to their Hot wallets until deposits finally opened.