Dogami, An NFT P2E AR Mobile Game on Tezos, Announces the Start of Its Minting Phase ahead of Beta Launch in Q2 2022

Dogami, An NFT P2E AR Mobile Game on Tezos, Announces the Start of Its Minting Phase ahead of Beta Launch in Q2 2022

Dogami, the first mass-market NFT Play-to-Earn (P2E) augmented reality (AR) mobile game on Tezos, has announced the start of its minting phase ahead of the Beta launch in Q2 2022.

Private and Public Sales Access

As per a press release on February 22, Dogami said users would access the private and public sales using generational Alpha NFTs, which they can unbox on March 1, 2022.

Specifically, access to the Dogami Private sale will be granted to all OG Dogamers–and will be limited to two NFTs per wallet.

At the same time, other eligible users would be limited to one NFT per wallet during the public sale. In either case, the minting link will be sent directly from Discord.

Exploring Dogami

The announcement is a step in the right direction for Dogami that aims to build an interactive and fun petaverse where users can live, level up, and explore new things together.

According to Dogami, virtual companionship and pets introduce a new level of P2E mechanics. This will be immensely beneficial for holders, making the game more interactive and fun.

The Dogami petaverse will be a dog’s world with over 300 breeds. However, each species will bear unique rarities and characteristics. A holder can choose from the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond category. To participate in the vast petaverse, a user needs to mint one of the 8k NFTs, each available for 50 XTZ.

Emphasis on Decentralization

Unlike in other projects where users can make a purchase straight from their centralized exchange’s wallet, interested fans are required to download and install Tezos compatible non-custodial wallets.

Once installed, funds can be deposited before any NFT purchase is made from Dogami. Afterward, users can access the petaverse either using a virtual reality headset or the Dogami mobile application.

The idea of using a non-custodial wallet to store Dogami NFTs is to guarantee total ownership of the NFT item. At the same time, this goes a long way in popularizing Tezos and its ecosystem.

Over the years, Tezos has gained a reputation for emphasizing stability. It is a self-amending energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm blockchain that is also the home of other high-intensive P2E blockchain games.

Customizable Dogami NFTs

Dogami NFT holders can train, customize, build traits, and compete in challenges. Participating in challenges is a critical part of play-to-earn mechanics. It is a tested means where active users can win more rewards.

In the Dogami ecosystem, participants will accrue more DOGA—the game’s tokens. This, in turn, gives more latitude to developers, allowing them to fuse DeFi to the game setup for a cyclic and beneficial ecosystem, attracting more players and building its global community.

A Growing Global Community

Ahead of their beta launch scheduled at a tentative time in Q2 2022, Dogami boasts over 80k members drawn from all over the whole, pointing to an active and dedicated community. Out of this, 28 percent purposefully created Discord accounts to access Dogami.

The recently concluded Doga Bones airdrop drew over 27k entries, propelling Dogami to the number one Hotspot Collection on Objkt—making it the first-ever NFT airdrop project to reach this height.

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