Ethereum-Powered Game FOMO 3D Simulates Crypto-Trading Markets

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Ethereum-Powered Game FOMO 3D Simulates Crypto-Trading Markets

FOMO 3D or (fear of Missing Out 3D) is a blockchain-based game that was launched in July 2018. The game is straightforward: A user needs to buy keys using the ether token, hold them and earn profits on them. The game is played by four teams which are named: Snek, Bull, Bear, Whale. All the teams have their own characteristics which are explained later in the guide.

What Is a Key?

A key is a unit through which a player can stand a chance to play the game, and in the long run, win a significant amount of Ethereum. The game is set to a countdown timer. When a person purchases a key, the ongoing round’s time is extended by 30 seconds.

The number of keys a person holds, the more is his/her chance of winning profits. The keys can be bought by ether, which then goes to the Active Pot.

If a user is the last person to purchase a key, when a game’s round ends, he/she gets a chance to earn 48 percent (the lion’s share) of the total ether amount in the Active Pot. The Active Pot is the metaphorical carrot containing that is dangling in front of the players, which pushes the players to spend more time on the game.

Although in layman’s terms it can be called a ‘gamble,’ it is more than that. FOMO3D is a lottery game played on the Ethereum blockchain and leverages smart contract. This means that it cannot be immutable or changed by anyone.

For instance, if a user buys a certain number of FOMO3D keys, they send the corresponding number of ether to the smart contract. The smart contract will then execute the code, to further send the keys to the buyer. In layman terms: If a person were to purchase candy at the vending machine, the person would need to pay the vending machine by inserting a pence and the machine will give up a candy worth $0.99.

How to Play the Game?

  • The user will need to set up Metamask, a platform that permits to run the decentralized app on the browser, set up on his/her browser. If playing on a mobile phone, they’ll require the TrustWallet.
  • The amount of Ether available on the Metamask will be used to purchase the keys
  • One can visit the official FOMO3D website and start playing.

The “Fast” Version and the “Long” Version

  • Fast version- In the fast version, the game starts with a short 60-second Initial Coin Offering (ICO) phase, where every player is eligible for purchasing FOMO3D keys at the same average price. The critical price is determined by the total amount of ether invested during the ‘ICO phase.’
  • Once the ICO phase has concluded, the long version of the game starts, with a longer countdown.

During the play round, a timer is constantly counting down to zero. Each time a key is purchased, the buyer becomes the owner or holder of the private keys and simultaneously adds more time to the countdown. As the game progresses and more keys are bought, the price of the keys begins to spike. When the timer touches zero, the last buyer to have bought a key is declared the winner.

At the end of the round, the ETH is divided up: the winner is entitled to receive half of the total active pot, while the remaining is divided between the F3D players as well as the P3D players. (Note: F3D stands for FOMO3D and P3D stands for PoWH3D which is explained here.)

In the “longer” version, the game has a 1 hour grace period during which transactions will take place. This period will also disable people from purchasing more keys and will give them time to be ready for the next round.

The ether divided between the teams will depend on which team, the winner was representing. Whatever amount is remaining, after division, will be carried into the next round.

FOMO3D Rules

Barring a few differences, the Long and the Short versions share the same rules:

  • Keys are the main point of F3D: If bought directly off the smart contract, the keys can change the way a game round is played and when or how a round will conclude.
  • Both the versions have an internal timer that counts down to zero. When a player purchases a key, additional time is added to the timer and the person who has bought the key, frog leaps into the leading position.
  • The best part is, there are minimal losses. The players will continue to receive dividends in their wallets, as long as they keep buying keys.
  • Another advantage is: The price of the key steadily increases as the round continues. A portion of the exit scam is guaranteed to every holder of a key and if a player bets on the final volume of around, he/she WILL receive some amount of Ether in their vault, once the round draws to a close.
  • As mentioned above, the last player who buys a key will immediately receive half of the Ether that is seen in the pot.

What Are the Teams That a Player Can Associate Themselves With?

  • Snek- The player associated with this team will have a ‘key buy-in price’ share that is distributed more to P3D players and less to F3D players. Interestingly, this team will push for sharing more dividends with the players and less to the pot.
  • Bull- The player of this team will be pushing for more dividends towards F3D players at the end of a round. Like Snek, this team also pushes for more dividends among players, but prefer to share a small amount with the P3D players.
  • Bear- Choosing the bear team, means going up against the P3D players. A player from this team will not let the dividends go to P3D players but instead will prefer to share the dividends with only the F3D players.
  • Whale- Interestingly, this is the only team, that will have a key buy-in price, whose share will directly go to the ETH pot, rather than go to either the F3D players or the P3D players. At the end of a round, a significant portion of the pot will be carried over to the next round, and minimum distribution of dividends will be provided to the players.

Is It Too Late for Me to Join the Game?

No! The FOMO3D Long game has been designed in such a way that it may last for days, weeks, months or even years. Even if a player has joined in after two months, the game start, they still stand a chance to purchase the keys (which may still be affordable, at the time of writing this article).

Although the game is relatively simple, it is best if a prospective player were to do their research and watch video tutorials before attempting to join a round.

Pratik Makadiya

Pratik Makadiya is a cryptocurrency journalist and content writer based out of Gujarat, India. He's an avid fan of Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, and fintech in general.