Ethernity Chain (ERN) Gets Binance Innovation Zone Listing

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Ethernity Chain (ERN) Gets Binance Innovation Zone Listing

Leading NFT project Ethernity Chain is now live on Binance Innovation Zone.

Ethernity Chain Goes Live on Binance Innovation Zone

In an announcement made today, Ethernity Chain (ERN) — a pioneering NFT project which auctions verified artwork featuring the top artists and stars from across different industries such as sports, music, film, gaming tech, and more, stated it is primed to mark its entry to Binance’s Innovation Zone.

Notably, Ethernity Chain’s token ERN will receive three trading pairs later today. These trading pairs will be ERN/BNB, ERN/BUSD, and ERN/USDT which will being trading from 6AM UTC today.

Since its launch earlier this year, Ethernity Chain has quickly cemented itself as one of the leading platforms for limited-edition authenticated NFTs.

To date, several famous individuals, celebrities, and sports athletes have joined forces with Ethernity Chain to create new digital collectibles on the platform. To name a few, Ethernity Chain has teamed up with Manny Pacquiao, Pele, Phil Ivey, Anderson Silva, Marilyn Monroe, and the Winklevoss twins to launch their exciting NFTs.

The project’s native token ERN has multiple utilities within the Ethernity Chain ecosystem. For instance, ERN can be used to purchase NFTs, stake the token for rewards, enjoy governance rights via voting on project proposals, and is also subject to regular buybacks by the team via platform profits.

ERN’s listing on a major cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance will bring greater mainstream exposure to the token and the wider Ethernity Chain ecosystem.

Commenting on the development, Nick Rose, CEO, Ethernity Chain, noted:

“When the biggest exchange in the world decides to incorporate your company into theirs, it’s definitely not something to take lightly. This is a massive statement that reverberates to all our artists, charities, icons and of course, the community.”

For the uninitiated, Binance’s Innovation Zone functions as a trading zone where innovative assets with potentially higher volatility are introduced to Binance users. That being said, higher risk typically involves higher rewards too.

Interested Binance users must go through the Innovation Zone’s web page and complete a questionnaire to ERN and other similar potentially promising tokens. Existing ERN holders can start depositing ERN to Binance in preparation for trading.

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