EverdreamSoft Expands The Spells of Genesis Social Hub To The Sandbox

EverdreamSoft Expands The Spells of Genesis Social Hub To The Sandbox

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is advancing its metaverse push into Sandbox with its Askian Door social hub. Through this, players will come face-to-face with their favorite in-game characters. Visitors and otherwise static characters, game worlds, etc., will become more interactive thanks to the metaverse experiences.

Building on Player’s Interactive Experiences

The “Askian Door” social hub is the entrance to Askian where all users can gather. SoG then brings some of the most iconic in-game characters to life, and players can interact with them directly.

Users may also search for hidden Satoshi Blocks dispersed around the SoG metaverse and visit interesting locations, all of which have close connections to the game. Currently, only the social hub’s trailer is available as the date set for the official release is September 30th.

In addition to providing a more interactive experience, The Sandbox will also be adding ten new NFTs to its collection and bringing back the iconic Spells of Genesis item. That is a significant development, as players who buy an NFT in the past or new drop will have the chance to win a The SandBox Season 3 Alpha Pass, which can reward them with 500 $SAND. These passes allow players to complete the various quests within Alpha Season 3.

The Sandbox continues to push the envelope by allowing metaverses to create new communities that can interact with each other and improve the social interactions in their games. The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3 event runs for ten weeks and features over 90 different experiences. There are 10,000 Alpha Passes available, which can reward players with up to 500 $SAND to celebrate this event. Furthermore, there are other guaranteed rewards for  Season 3 Alpha pass holders. 

EverdreamSoft, the creators of the SoG universe, will be giving away three of these passes through their Twitter accounts. The company will reveal more details about these giveaways in the coming weeks.

More Benefits to the Community

The team of Spells of Genesis has also announced that all individuals who own an NFT from the SoG collection will have exclusive access to all future content in The Sandbox. The team continues developing a long-term utility for the created non-fungible tokens. These will ensure that the members have the best possible experience when interacting with them.

Sandbox also features a variety of land types surrounded by prominent social hubs and partners. Here’s where EverdreamSoft steps in with its Estate, a 6 by 6 land plot. One of these plots of land hosts its Spells of Genesis – Askian Door social hub. Meanwhile, other experiences will spread around the Estate in the upcoming months and years.

In February, members of the Sandbox community were able to purchase digital real estate land near the EverdreamSoft Estate. They received three premium NFTs, including the Spells of Genesis’ iconic Bearwhale. The EverdreamSoft team also collaborated with the artists of the Nabiya studio to release a series of voxelized NFTs in April 2022. The 14 were available to eligible members of the community.

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