Future of crypto: BudBlockz (BLUNT), Tamadoge, and Big Eyes Coin

Future of crypto: BudBlockz (BLUNT), Tamadoge, and Big Eyes Coin

While 2022 has witnessed big declines for the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Terra Luna, there is no doubt that several exciting blockchain projects have emerged in recent times. Investors looking to back new digital tokens that have the potential to rocket, the final months of 2022 could be a very productive time to act.

BudBlockz, Tamadoge and Big Eyes coin are three must-watch cryptos of the moment. Let’s find out why.

BudBlockz – the new community for the marijuana sector

The exponential growth of the marijuana industry has run almost parallel to the crypto sector over the past few years. While a few digital tokens have laid the foundation for a crossover between the two sectors, BudBlockz is transforming the way that businesses and consumers interact and transact.

BudBlockz is a growing community that uses decentralized blockchain tech and asset-backed NFTs to facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of physical and digital assets. For an industry where banking has been a major problem even in areas where both medicinal and recreational usage is permitted, it is one of the most important developments at a crucial time for the sector.

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The company has plans to open its own dispensaries while it also brings crypto payments to real-world businesses. While consumers will be able to pay with multiple currencies, the $BLUNT token will be central for ongoing transactions. The anticipated success of BudBlockz should see the digital asset rocket too.

It is currently in the pre-sale phase, thus giving early prospective investors the chance to capitalize on a low price of around $0.021. This is likely to increase quickly as tokens begin to sell out, the price has already climbed from $0.15 in the private sale giving investors 40% return already with over two months to go until the official launch. Whether a cannabis consumer or not, it’s not hard to see the potential of $BLUNT in 2023 and even in Q4 2022.

Tamadoge – the next big memecoin?

Even people who are not interested in crypto have heard about two or three of the big memecoins of the past two years. Tamadoge promises to be the next and, like BudBlockz, is currently in its pre-sale phase.

The concept of Tamadodge is fairly simple: it takes the success of meme coins and combines it with the growing popularity of the play 2 earn crypto game model. The Tamaverse has gained a lot of applause for being one of the most promising crypto communities to emerge this year, and the Tamadodge token sits at the heart of it all. Anyone who wants to breed, train and battle their Tamadoge NFTs will need the TAMA token.

Big Eyes Token – a community set to win hearts of pet lovers

As the demand for NFTs and unique digital tokens continues to grow, a selection of online communities has emerged. The Big Eyes crypto cathouse is one that could thrive. The widespread appeal of the cute characters will attract players worldwide. With a clear four-stage roadmap focused on building a community of cat lovers and fans of collectibles already set, Big Eyes already has several impressive marketing plans in the pipeline.

With the pre-sale already live, investors can get 7368.42 Big Eyes for 1 USDT. It’s a low-cost and low-risk coin that will be fun to hold and could be used to buy cute NFTs that could soar in value. If interest in the Big Eyes cat craze grows, the value of its token will follow suit.

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