Gala Games (GALA): Gaming and NFT Innovations

Gala Games (GALA): Gaming and NFT Innovations

Gala Games (GALA), an innovative blockchain gaming solution, successfully integrates NFTs into the gaming experience with the enhanced functionality and flexibility guaranteed.

What is GALA?

While recognizing the growing demand for interactive virtual games, Gala Games offers an original approach toward providing the higher control over gaming experience for all players. Gala Games allows users to spend fiat and cryptocurrency to purchase in-game assets that improve their gaming experience. Blockchain technology provides the maximum functionality and creative opportunities for all players. NFTs are widely used in its games to enable virtual purchases and ensure property protection. At the present moment, Gala Games focuses mostly on promoting its Town Star game with the extensive NFT collection available for players. The interactive design enables players to make independent decisions that reflect their interests and needs. Gala Games also develops other sci-fi and fantasy games that will allow expanding the application of blockchain technology to new categories of players.

GALA’s current market price equals $0.2518 with the circulating supply of 6.98 billion tokens. GALA uses the hybrid consensus mechanism that integrates the proof-of-work, proof-of-stake, and proof-of-storage to integrate the strengths of all of these alternatives. GALA does not have a maximum supply, and its algorithms consider a number of demand and technology-related factors. GALA’s market capitalization is $1.75 billion, making it the 61st largest cryptocurrency in the market. The historical maximum was reached at the end of November of 2021, following the general pattern of BTC and other major cryptocurrencies. After the rapid decline during December of 2021 and January of 2022, GALA gradually restores its market positions.

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Figure 1. Gala Games’ Interface; Data source – Coinlive

Investing in GALA: Strategic Perspectives

The rapid development of video and blockchain gaming sectors presupposes the growing demand for GALA as one of the major crypto projects in this segment. The higher adoption of NFTs and their integration with online games may stimulate the users’ demand for GALA, contributing to its sustainable capitalization growth. The development of new games for different target consumer segments also contributes to the token’s appreciation in the long term. Overall, GALA constitutes one of the most promising crypto assets in the gaming and NFT segments. The local bottoms offer optimal opportunities for purchasing GALA. Technical analysis allows determining the most plausible price change patterns.

Gala Games (GALA): Gaming and NFT Innovations - 2
Figure 2. GALA/USD Price Dynamics (3-Months); Data source – CoinMarketCap

The strong resistance at the level of $0.16 effectively prevents GALA’s price from the further decline. At the present moment, the token demonstrates the gradual price restoration. The first significant resistance level is at the price of $0.27, and GALA price prediction has a potential to successfully overcome it in the following days. The second significant resistance level is at the price of $0.36 that largely determines GALA’s ability to approach its historically maximum levels. Investors can reliably open long positions in the anticipation of the price increase in the following weeks. GALA has a potential of demonstrating the rates of growth that considerably exceed the average rates in the crypto market.

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