Giving Tuesday Bitcoin Challenge: Giving Back a “Bit”

Giving Tuesday Bitcoin Challenge: Giving Back a “Bit”

In today’s nonprofit world, funding is the fuel which allows charities to pursue their mission in a purposeful way. And at no time is the the spirit of giving more robust than during the end-of-the-year holiday season.

As the first open source, decentralized fund raising movement, the Giving Tuesday Bitcoin Challenge campaign, which will happen on Tuesday December 2, 2015, endeavors to create a seismic rethinking of how philanthropic campaigns are being facilitated. Given the record-breaking number of blockchain transactions yielded from this initiative last year, this vision is well on its way to being realized.

Dovetailing off the success of GivingTuesday, a global day of sharing held as an alternative to the commercial shopping events of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this initiative counters the traditional focus on holiday buying and family giving by facilitating a host of events throughout the year – all while highlighting the growing influence of the Bitcoin movement.

Consistent with the way this digital currency is decentralized, “Bitcoin Tuesday” as it is otherwise known, is not governed by a group that accepts and distributes contributions. Rather, partner organizations from the bitcoin community champion the cause through a collaborative social media campaign that directs donations to partner websites. Reflecting both a “hyper-local” and global philosophy, it symbolizes a comprehensive effort to fuel innovative fundraising, collaborative support and giving awareness worldwide.

Over the years, the Bitcoin Foundation, BitPay, ChangeTip and the BitGive Foundation have been among the major players in the bitcoin space that have collaborated with various charities to curate worthwhile funding opportunities. The Bitcoin Giving Tuesday website will serve as the information hub where bitcoin enthusiasts can identify all of the charities and nonprofits accepting microdonations this year. In past years, recipient nonprofits have included Save the Children, American Red Cross, United Way and the Water Project, among others.

Says Nick Sullivan, founder of ChangeTip, a global community which allows bitcoin enthusiasts to donate to individuals, causes, and endeavors, “We love giving. Our company is built on generosity.”

The Giving Tuesday challenge underscores the role of bitcoin in fostering social and philanthropic causes, boosting its reputation in non-profit communities throughout the world. Most notably, the ease and low cost of making transactions worldwide ensures that the full amount of these donations are expeditiously received.

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