Golem Network (GNT) Share Proof of Device Concept for Identity Authenticity

Golem Network (GNT) Share Proof of Device Concept for Identity Authenticity

Blockchain-based decentralized CPU-sharing network Golem (GNT) on June 4, 2020, shared new research that shows a novel concept for identity authentication using Proof of Device, built along the lines of Intel’s SGX technology.

Golem Network Shares Proof of Device Concept

Recently, Golem Network (GNT) published its research that details into a Proof of Device mechanism for user authentication. Although it is still a Proof of Device, the study proposed a mechanism by which users can anonymously and reliably prove their identity and validate their hardware.

The research shared by Golem Network stems from its own need to be shielded against Sybil attacks. The Golem team noted the significance of having countermeasures against Sybil attacks to safeguard its anonymous, decentralized network. The team researched whether SGX could be a source of an identification method that could provide anonymity and trustfulness.

For the uninitiated, a Proof of Device complements the internet authentication mechanism. It can be thought of as another take on 2FA or U2F authentication methods where the burden of storing keys for signing and proving one’s identity is managed by the SGX enclave.

Can Be Used for a Wide Array of Purposes

Explaining the Proof of Device mechanism, the blog post reads:

Consider an online service. A user logs in using their login/password with any authentication mechanism in place. Then the online service sends a challenge. It requires a signature from the SGX enclave and for that signature to be returned. And the online service verifies whether it was properly signed. The enclave has to be assigned to the user in advance; therefore, the private key is embedded within the enclave, and the public key is stored by the online service.

In essence, Proof of Device proves that the user has physical access to a specified device. This provides the user with an extra layer of security, even if they end up losing or have their password and login stolen.

For demonstration purposes, the Golem team used the Proof of Device for an enhanced login service to the bank by adding an extra layer of verification to online banking. Notably, the Proof of Device was developed by Golem, in cooperation with Invisible Things Lab.

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