Google Cloud Developers Can Now Access Trusted IoT Data after IoTeX Integration

Google Cloud Developers Can Now Access Trusted IoT Data after IoTeX Integration

IoTeX, an open ecosystem connecting the Internet of Trusted Things, has completed its integration with Google’s BigQuery, an update on Dec 18 shows.

BigQuery and IoTeX Integration

The integration now makes it possible for Google Cloud developers to access, extract, de-normalize, and draw insights from IoTeX data. Google Cloud will, in real-time, update, and make available IoTeX data to users who may need them to solve a real-world problem. 

The idea behind IoTeX is to democratize the availability of blockchain data and ensure the generation of verifiable data. These can be consequently used in sensitive operations by end-users.

With this integration, high quality, private, and verifiable data will be accessible to the broader technology industry, according to Raullen Chai. He is the co-founder of IoTeX, and a former Google Tech lead.

Commenting, he said:

“Google Cloud has an incredible reach and depth of connections. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to make verifiable data from the IoTeX Network available to the broader technology industry.”

Availing Verifiable Data to Google Cloud Developers

IoTeX’s objective is to connect the physical world “block by block.” Its team comprises leaders from the tech world. They are combining the blockchain, secure hardware, and confidential computing to power the next generation of IoT devices, economies, and networks.

BigQuery is a cloud-based and enterprise data warehouse enabling users to query data using the standard SQL syntax. As a serverless data warehouse, it means IoTeX will store their data cheaply and scale rapidly.

Additionally, there is the speed of searching through data sets since they are available in one place. This way, should there be a need, they can be retrieved for faster insights and results.

At the moment, BigQuery provides data analysis capabilities for leading tech firms like Twitter and UPS. Also, through BigQuery, Google Cloud developers can assess on-chain data from public blockchains, including Litecoin, EOS, and Bitcoin.

IoTeX now joins this elite rank. Their trusted data—including smart contracts activity, Gas, DID, and device data, will now be accessible to developers for exploration.

Consequently, developers will run advanced analytics across multiple blockchains, even tracking the activity of interoperable tokens. This is especially useful in the interoperable IoTeX blockchains, enabling developers to keep track of tokens such as ioBTC and ioETH.

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