Immutable X to Deploy Cross-Rollup Liquidity Protocol to Enable Cross-Chain NFT Trades

Immutable X to Deploy Cross-Rollup Liquidity Protocol to Enable Cross-Chain NFT Trades

Immutable X today announced its expansion to be the world’s first cross-rollup liquidity platform for NFTs, built on StarkNet, according to WuBlockchain. With Immutable X, users can now trade any asset matched against various Ethereum layer two and layer three roll-ups.

Partnering With StarNet 

With StarkNet, developers can easily create composable smart contracts that can be deployed in minutes, making it easier to migrate L1 games to Immutable. Immutable X will then lead the charge in providing L3s to games with over 10 million active users who don’t want to compete with other users.

This move eliminates the issue of liquidity fractionalization that typically occurs when multiple assets are matched against one another. The Immutable X protocol will allow games to handle large transactions quickly. It will also enable players to own their in-game goods

“This is the future of Ethereum – multiple roll-ups for different purposes and games, each abstracted and unified in liquidity via Immutable X – while never compromising on Ethereum’s security,” said Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder at Immutable. 

“The next billion players can scale across hundreds of L3s, while never losing the liquidity and composability that makes Ethereum the strongest blockchain network in the world. Secure, composable and insanely scalable: welcome to L323.”

Despite the increasing number of games developers are making on Ethereum, it remains the preferred platform for game developers. Notably, the Immutable X team wants to bring the best games to the platform.

Until now, web3 projects that required both scale and flexibility had no choice but to go with a non-Ethereum layer 1. This platform can cause outages and expose assets to significant liquidity penalties. Immutable X aims to remove the need for developers to choose between the security and the user experience of their games on Ethereum.

“Creating a Strong Ecosystem”

The integration of StarkNet into Immutable X will remove many of the previous developer tradeoffs, but it will result in a less user-friendly environment. For instance, it will not be as robust as the current roll-up.

Due to the nature of games, Immutable X will support multiple zk roll-ups for different use cases. The updated version of Immutable X will allow developers to build big games on Ethereum without constraints. The move will enable them to achieve true planet scale.

Expanding the Web3 Outreach

“Supporting multiple roll-ups will increase the complexity of our product but will allow Immutable X to create the strongest ecosystem for gaming content without compromising liquidity,” said Alex Connolly, Immutable co-founder, and CTO. “Immutable is committed to being the premier platform for solving the challenges that prevent web3 games from reaching a global audience.”

“We are thrilled StarkNet will play a key role in helping Immutable X win in web3 games, “said Uri Kolodny, co-founder & CEO, StarkWare. “Our partnership will seamlessly enable world-class games and projects to thrive on Immutable X and StarkNet across L2 and L3.”

There are many exciting projects in development for web3 gaming. Each project has its unique requirements and goals. While they all share the purpose of creating a great user experience, each project also has its roll-up layer requirements.

Through its partnership with Starkware with the new StarkNet zk-rollup solution, Immutable X will be able to support multiple roll-ups, which will allow the company to continue leading the way in providing planet-scale gaming.

Immutable X has partnered with leading marketplaces to provide users with the best possible gaming experiences. Some of these include TikTok, GameStop, SuperFarm, ESL Gaming, and Highrise. In addition, it has also partnered with various NFT titles such as Gods Unchained, GreenPark Sports, and MyCryptoHeroes.

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