Jelurida Secures Gold Membership in Lugano’s Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association

Jelurida Secures Gold Membership in Lugano’s Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association

Jelurida has inked a partnership deal with the Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association (TBTA). The alliance will enable TBTA to promote the adoption of Jelurida’s cutting-edge technology and expertise by Swiss-based crypto organizations and educational institutions.

Jelurida is Now a Gold Member of the TBTA  

Jerlurida, a Switzerland-based software development company in charge of the Ardor, Nxt, and IGNIS blockchain networks, has now become a Gold Member of the Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association (TBTA), a Lugano-based think tank that functions as an aggregator of all new and existing innovative projects in Ticino.

The TBTA brings all the blockchain and crypto projects in Lugano, Switzerland, under one umbrella and connects them to universities as a resource hub for private and public projects.

Jelurida’s alliance with the TBTA is expected to accelerate the adoption of the former’s blockchain solutions by local crypto organizations and universities. 

With its team of seasoned blockchain and smart contracts application developers, Jelurida’s solutions and expertise will now be tapped by a new audience of future builders, individuals pursuing a career in distributed ledger technology (DLT), and innovators, to expand the Swiss education system in the long run.

The latest partnership now puts Jelurida among the growing list of notable TBTA partners, including MOOV Airways AG, Interchanin Stiftung, EventBoost SA, Elly,, Poseidon Group, and more. 

TBTA President, Giacomo Poreti said:

“It’s good to see how innovative our partners are in supporting and scaling blockchain projects. Thank you Jelurida for your insightful presentation at our first Think Tank event of 2022. We look forward to the next developments and project collaborations between you and our partners.”

Lugano Promoting Global Crypto Adoption

The TBTA says its three crucial pillars of operation:

  • Creating a concentration of heterogeneous entities, including universities, students, investment funds, and more
  • Bringing together partners through a joint industry approach to towards a goal
  • Fostering better cooperation between partners and competitors, aligns with the long-term vision of Jelurida, as the latter’s solutions are designed to fuel blockchain industry growth and bring to life new use cases, cooperation, research, and more.

Following the lead of El Salvador and other blockchain-friendly jurisdictions, Lugano is aiming to become a hotbed for blockchain and crypto. The city is making bitcoin (BTC), USDT, and the LVGA token legal tender as part of the Lugano Plan B initiative. 

Under this initiative, the team says enterprises in Lugano will receive the necessary assistance they need to integrate crypto into their processes and residents will also be able to pay their taxes with the three supported cryptocurrencies. 

Tomislav Gountchev, Lead Software Architect & Director at Jelurida said:

“Jelurida is happy to join the TBTA and contribute to the success of Lugano Plan B. We are excited about being able o establish Ticino as the blockchain innovation hub in Switzerland in collaboration with the local universities, research centers, and other enterprises.”

On April 1, 2022, the TBTA successfully conducted the first face-to-face think-thank event in the city since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The event, which took place at the Hotel Dante, was graced by Jelurida, as well as other players in the blockchain space.

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