Justin Sun Announces Tron Scalability Solution, the “Sun Network”

Justin Sun Announces Tron Scalability Solution, the “Sun Network”

Tron’s scalability solution titled the “Sun Network” will release version 1.0 on August 10, 2019. The solution would improve Tron’s scalability allowing developers to create side chains and cross-chain communication. This according to a tweet made by Justin Sun, Aug 5, 2019.

Dappchain Implementation and Features

On the morning of August 5 2029, Justin Sun, CEO and founder of the Tron Foundation, confirmed on Twitter the launch of the Sun Network, an extension to Tron’s main network designed to enhance its transaction capacity and scalability.

This solution was tested May 30, 2019, and aimed to expand the Tron ecosystem with different solutions that included a smart contract application called dAppChain, a cross-chain communication amongst other blockchain expansion projects.

Although Justin Sun has often been criticized for his shady marketing moves, Tron is proving to be a worthy competitor to Ethereum and EOS with regards to the development of decentralized applications. As discussed on BTCManager, July 22, Tron saw a monstrous increase in the transaction volume of his dApps, which came close to $70 million, beating by far its competitors.

Perfect Timing?

Indeed the dAppChain is being developed in order to significantly increase the capacity or transaction-per-second (TPS) rate of Tron-based Dapps, while also realizing the on-chain operation of dApps with low energy consumption, high security, and high efficiency. This will eventually ensure that the dApp ecosystem will continue to attract more developers as the cost to develop any application will be largely reduced compared to the main chain.

In the first stage of its implementation, the dAppChain will adopt the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) mechanism to ensure the consensus and correctness of sidechain transactions themselves. Also, initially smart contracts would be used both on the main chain and sidechain to ensure the security of the assets while also allowing users to make withdrawals without any problems.

Market sentiment on Tron

Even though the release of Sun Network’s Version 1.0 is overall a good news for the Tron ecosystem, it’s founder Justin Sun has continued to attract controversy lately, bewildering the often and naive set of folllowers who opened up this highway cafe adrelanice sections as powerful as they can be. Only four days before the long-awaited lunch with Warren Buffet, Justin Sun had to postpone after he fell ill with kidney stones.

The market has not taken this news lightly. In fact, the price of a TRX suffered a correction of more than 25% in the days following the release of the news, stabilizing at around $ 0.021.

[Image Source: CoinMarketCap]

It’s difficult to understand what is really happening with Tron’s as the cryptocurrencies alternate waves of positive and negative news, particularly in the last month. But as we can see even if these rumors might be seen as frivolous they can inflict severe damage on the market price. Investors can quickly lose trust and dump their holdings, causing markets to nosedive in response.