Metaclassn Launches “Knowledge-Sharing” Metaverse Platform

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Metaclassn Launches “Knowledge-Sharing” Metaverse Platform

California-based Metaclassn formally announced their knowledge-sharing platform on the metaverse worldwide. Users can swap USDT for cash and WKT prizes by enrolling in virtual courses or using paid social networking services. According to Metaclassn, WKT is also available for pre-mining on the Metaclassn app until March 1st, 2023. 

With Web 3.0 technology and a user-friendly videotelephony software called Metaclassn, instructors and knowledge-sharers worldwide may increase their revenue.

WKT Mining Is Now Available

WKT will be published on all key cryptocurrency exchanges when the pre-mining time is finished, allowing pre-miners to make big profits. Unchangeable exponential scaling is a property of the WKT economy; as time goes on, the price of mining WKT will rise exponentially, eventually reaching over USD 10,000 per token.

Metaclassn plans to leverage Web 3.0 to build the most extensive video chat application within three years. It has committed to using at least 80% of its profits—expected to be more than USD 500 million—to purchase back WKT. The Metaclassn team believes that early adopters of pre-mining can provide more than 1,000 times greater profits.

By developing a metaverse platform with inherent value, Metaclassn aims to change the dissemination of information using Web 3.0 technologies. The Metaclassn team believes that the fusion of decentralization, videotelephony, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency will revolutionize the social networking and video chatting industries and enable all users to turn knowledge into riches.

A Look Into Metaclassn’s Goals

Metaclassn specializes in teleconferencing for up to 10 people and 1-on-1 interactive video calling. Together with their exclusive Bill-by-the-Minute technology, Metaclassn will dramatically increase the revenue of qualified teachers and knowledge-sharers while also substantially lowering the cost of education for students. The startup aspires to disrupt the metaverse industry by building an unheard-of knowledge-sharing platform using this novel economic model.

The highly skilled team behind Metaclassn has eight years of expertise in web technology entrepreneurship and has held significant roles in various information technology firms. The team firmly believes that knowledge sharing adds value to society and that an optimized platform for knowledge sharing combined with decentralization will open up countless opportunities for a large number of educators – allowing experts from all professions (such as teachers, doctors, lawyers, coaches, consultants, etc.) to add more value and earn more money by sharing their knowledge.

Metaclassn aims to build a decentralized, equal-opportunity platform that gives all helpful users ownership. To develop a sustainable metaverse platform that genuinely adds value to society, Metaclassn has created an entirely new economic model that is both straightforward and effective.

The Metaclassn team’s tokens will be frozen for a hundred months. The crew is focused on developing a sustainable metaverse project that yields incredible returns and is committed to its motto, “Transform the world by producing value”.

What This Means to the Metaverse World

The metaverse has been in the spotlight recently. The most recent headline is E-Verse’s launching of the first global metaverse concert as more platforms seek to venture into the ecosystem. With all these innovations and projects being brought to the metaverse, we could see the platform garnering much more interest as different organizations are now looking to establish customer bases in the ecosystem.

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