MetaMask warns users about fake airdrop claims

MetaMask warns users about fake airdrop claims

The operator of the web3 wallet known as MetaMask has warned its customers about “false rumors” about a non-existent airdrop, which seems to have been circulating on social media.

MetaMask has issued the warning on its Twitter. They mentioned “quite a few false rumors” about a MetaMask snapshot or airdrop taking place on March 31, as more controversies surround the recent airdrops.

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In a message on Twitter, the MetaMask team has dispelled speculations that a forthcoming airdrop will occur. It has encouraged users to look for phony sites in the days ahead.

There is a possibility that the new reports are connected to a “fireside chat” session that took place on March 14 at ETHDenver 2023 with ConsenSys CEO and Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin.

During this session, Joe Lubin emphasized that his company is “currently trying to decentralize” MetaMask and mentioned the group had plans to distribute a token.

As a result of the rumors, there was a dramatic increase in the activity on MetaMask. After recent airdrops from the Ethereum Name Service and Lubin’s token announcement, MetaMask witnessed a similar surge of interest due to reports of an airdrop back in November 2021. Lubin’s mention of a token followed this.

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